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For "Russian Snowplow," the teams also use a Lada, but this time they drive it to a stadium downtown. "Then they must each take a turn operating one of these cumbersome snowplows through a training course to receive their next clue," Phil says, and let me tell you about these snowplows. As a Minnesotan, I know from snow removal, but I've never seen snowplows like this. Instead of tractors or trucks with simple blades affixed to the front, these are highly specialized vehicles. The way they seem to work is that there's a long, shallow ramp that runs alongside the cab. At the base of the ramp, where it meets the pavement in front, there are a pair of whirling arms that are designed to scoop the snow up onto the inclined plane, where a conveyor belt will carry it up the top of the ramp, to presumably be deposited either in a hopper or simply in the snowplow's wake. They look inefficient and ineffectual as hell, unless your goal is to give small children nightmares. In other words, they're like something out of a Terry Gilliam film. But I'm sure they're fun to drive. Not. But I do think it's a little weird that both snowplows and brides are considered "unavoidable" in Siberia. Are there no bachelors there?

The cheerleaders and Margie|Luke agree to go find the snowplows together. "To find the bride, too many steps," Luke signs. They're still getting in their Ladas when Tammy and Victor arrive. Team Family Law is having trouble deciding, so they just go with the first two teams. Tammy interviews that they're not in any kind of alliance. "When we can work together, we try to." We'll soon see that when she says "we can," she means "it is to our advantage." So they decide to stick with the other two teams. However, when Mike and Mel arrive, they decide to go with "Russian Bride." Mike interviews that he picks the Detour based on what seems like more fun. "I'd rather party with virgin brides than snowplows," he says. What a shame that they're mutually exclusive. The three lead cars pull out of the parking lot, Victor burning a little rubber as he goes from the icy lot to the dry street. "Clearly we have no idea how to drive in Russia." In the backseat, Tammy says she can't complain. "He's a whole lot better at driving stick than I am," she laughs, even as he nearly bounces her against the back of his seat. "We don't tend to break the Asian stereotypes very often, sadly," she laughs. Like what, being good at math? What an inscrutable remark.

The cheerleaders find a gas station and pull in, with the other two teams driving in behind them. Victor spots a cab driver, and decides to ask him for directions from inside his car while the cheerleaders get out and run up to the cashier window. They're getting nowhere, but Tammy and Victor's cabdriver has pointed them in the right direction, so they take off without bothering to wait for the others. Seeing this, Luke bangs on his and Margie's back window to get Cara and Jaime's attention, as Margie drives off to try to keep up with Team Family Law. For some reason, she seems to think they're all still traveling together. She's just trying to keep the lead car in sight while Luke watches behind them for Cara and Jaime. The cheerleaders get back in the car, annoyed at Victor's play. "They'll follow you until they can find something on their own, and then they'll ditch you," one of them says. Honestly, is that any way for friends to treat each other? Well, of course not, but if we're talking about people competing against each other in a race for a million dollars, that's a different story. Up ahead, Tammy and Victor decide to stop again for directions. Margie, still thinking she's following them for some reason, pulls in behind them, with no idea where Team Go Team is right now. Tammy gets out and starts looking for people to get directions from, but Margie's doing the same from her driver's seat. She gets someone to point them the way along the road. Victor reads that person's gestures in his mirror and tells Tammy to get back in so they can go that way. They take off again, Margie honking her horn for them to wait while Victor just sticks his arm out the window with an insincere, "Sorry." Luke is annoyed. You can tell because he says what he says when he's angry and frustrated, which is, "Daaaaah!" That's perfectly eloquent, but in a post-leg interview, he talks about how annoyed he was with Victor. "We thought he would wait and he didn't wait. Now, Victor and Tammy, we're a little suspicious. We're not sure we want to work with them. Game on," says Margie. Her sense of betrayal lasts all the way through the commercial break, after which she says, "Can't trust Victor, I don't think, any more." Any more? Well, good on her for realizing something that Tammy figured out a long time ago.

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