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"Who has stamina and absolutely no shame?" Margie reads from the clue. Luke raises his hand up high. Big talker. Neither of the cheerleaders wants to do it, and when the one holding the clue agrees to do it and reads, "'Strip down to your skivvies --'" she says, "Why me, always? I should run in my skivvies in this?" Tammy is agreeing to do this one for her and Victor. As she's led into the warm-up tent, we cut to an interview in which Victor says he was "so jealous, 'cause I actually really wanted to run around the streets in my underwear." Well, technically, nobody's stopping him. As she joins the activity in the warm-up tent, Tammy says she knows Luke isn't wearing underwear as small as hers, and chirps, "I'll never be able to come to Russia again!"

A shot of a bank thermometer reading -3 Celsius (or 27 Fahrenheit, according to the chyron) leads into Luke, waiting outside the tent with his local guides, who are more appropriately dressed in track suits. He's got a racer number, 001, tied to his bare chest, and is eager to get going, in his black boxer briefs. He and his guides run a little gauntlet of local runners who cheer them along. "We probably would have had to forfeit the race if I'd been chosen to do this one," Margie laughs. Luke gives her a little shove for that in front of the interview camera. "Russia's not ready for that," she insists. Whatever, she looked fine in her leotard a few weeks ago. Then out comes runner number 002, Cara, in her mismatched underwear, followed closely by 003 Tammy in hers. At least they seem to be wearing sports bras. Cara quickly slows to a walk, so Tammy ends up passing her rather than being in the cold for a second longer than necessary. They run past a police car, which we're meant to believe blows its siren for a second. Cara interviews that she was disappointed with how little attention she was getting from the locals, but then some people showed up. "All right, I must not look that bad, keep going!" she thought. But she's still walking, just to give everyone a chance to get a good look.

The Whites are still trying to find the library, with Mike at the wheel. Mel compliments his son on managing the directions. "I could not get myself across this city with four people and a guide dog," he says. But he's the one who sees the box first as Mike lets the car drift up to the library. Clearly Mike is going to be taking this Road Block for them. Nobody wants to see Mel's groin fall clean off.

Mark and Michael talk about how well they think they're doing, and Mark compliments himself on how his beard is growing out. "I'm a Cossack," he says, and turns his name into some Russian-sounding gibberish. They arrive at the Road Block in fifth, and it's Mark's turn to do a Road Block. He joins Mike in the warm-up tent.

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