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The many fish of Italy

Commercials. I don't like DirectTV guy or the other guy, so there.

When we return, Michelle is still at the Roadblock, and Lake is still yelling at her. Finally, she gets a very close shot, handed to her by the other players, and she gets the ball in. When they read their clue, Lake does one of the funniest bits I've ever seen anyone do inadvertently. Before she even opens the clue, he's hollering, "Pit stop!" So then she reads: "Make your way on foot…" And Lake cuts in: "YES! FOOT! YES!" It's not for any particular reason, and the delivery is so freaky and strange that it's fundamentally hilarious. He's almost squealing with happiness, and I have no idea why, but I'm with him. They leave.

Now, Joseph and Monica are running to the pit stop. And the band is still tootling happily. And Phil, because he is not quite the stone-face they originally thought he was going to be, is dancing on the mat. Oh, you bet your ass I'm serious. I can almost imagine him watching this at home and thinking, "I danced for six seconds, and that's what they had to put on the show." He welcomes Joseph and Monica as team number three. They're quite happy, and Monica agrees that she loves Joseph even though he smells like fish.

Welcome, Fran and Barry, you are team number four. Boo!

Ray and Yolanda are looking for what will be the Roadblock, as are Dave and Lori.

Welcome, Lake and Michelle, you are team number five. They smooch.

Ray and Yolanda at the Roadblock. He takes it, and his first shot sails wide. Then he manages to tip himself over entirely. Dave and Lori are looking for the right place. Finally, Ray gets his ball to go in. As they're leaving, Dave and Lori are arriving, and Dave takes the Roadblock for them. His first shot hits the crossbar, but then he manages to make the shot so that they can leave. They head for the pit stop.

Artificial anxiety is coaxed from us all as Dave and Lori and Ray and Yolanda both, at least in theory, hunt for the pit stop. And then the band is playing, and Phil is waiting, and…here come Ray and Yolanda. Whom I love. But who are not Dave and Lori, so that's sad. They land on the mat and are team number six. They're very happy not to be booted.

Sad music. Dave and Lori walk toward the pit stop. "If this is a non-elimination round, Lori," Dave says, "we're going to have to wear fish clothes." Heh. He promises he'll wash her clothes, and they agree they love each other. Well, who doesn't love a guy who will wash your fish clothes? But when they land on the mat, they are last, and they are eliminated. Boo! She's weepy, he's a little weepy too, and they both thank Phil very much. Lori says she loves Dave "immensely." In an interview, she says that leaving is disappointing, but they did their best and had a great time. They exchange comments about how much they love each other and how happy they are that they were able to do this. "What a wonderful gift," he says, with great and awed genuineness, and then he flashes his gang sign and says, "Nerds rule." Aww!

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