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Sleep Deprivation Is Really Starting To Irritate Me

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The many fish of Italy

BJ and Tyler arrive in Catania and ask someone about where the theater is. When they get there, the funny music plays some more as they take note of the fact that the theater doesn't open until 8:30 AM, so they're going to have to wait a bit. Of course, this is another opportunity to create some more footage for their personal Our Kee-razy Travels highlight reel, also known as This Whole Season, so they come up with a plan to put up a sign that says, "Team Order." And see, that will fool other people into thinking they have to sign up. And other people signing up when they don't have to sign up will be hilarious. What do you mean, "Why?" It will be! They write up something on a plain piece of paper and stick it into the top of the sign that shows the operating hours. And as they walk away, Tyler says -- for no reason at all -- "pizza pie." Oh, ethnic jokes. They just never get old. I can't wait to see what these guys might be like in India! Or Japan! They go off to have a nap, which is just about what they make me want to do myself. I'm kind of surprised they don't find a way to nap hilariously, like with their feet up over their heads in a pretzel, all, "Whoop-de-whoo, here we are, just lying down, HA HA HA! Let's-a get lotsa sleep-a!"

6:00 AM. Lake and Michelle count out their money and originally see only $61 of their $63. But then Michelle finds the rest. I hope you enjoyed that suspenseful interlude, as it will be the only one of the evening. Lake and Michelle take off. Lake talks about how he and Michelle are disappointed in their position, but recognize that they've made a couple of big mistakes. She talks about how, even though they bicker and fight, they've been able to move past it and get on with the race. "It's more of a snag, more than a whole tear," she says, doing her best to throw a few stitches in there to keep the snag from turning into a tear, if you see what I'm saying. They get on the road, and Lake talks about how the sleep deprivation is "really starting to irritate" him. He's in a good mood, though, about how great he thinks they're going to do, so he has that going for him anyway.

6:25 AM. Nerd music. Lori says "Let's rock this" as she opens the clue, and that's just never a good sign. Rocked legs are born, not made. Dave voices over that on the previous leg, he found himself "supremely frustrated with Lori," and they're hoping to approach the leg positively. She thinks they just need to stay positive and communicate. In the car, she spots where they need to go on their map.

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