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The many fish of Italy

6:34 AM. Yolanda tells us as she and Ray leave the mat that she already knew she loved him, but that the race has helped her understand why. She says that watching him perform makes her really proud of him and get all teary, and she sort of makes fun of herself for staring at him and being like, "My boyfriend! Doing tasks! He's awesome!" Hee. That's cute. It's also true. There's something to be said for that feeling when you watch someone you're swoony about do something he's good at: "That's right, bitches. Going home with me! Snack on it!" They stop and ask for directions, as you know they would. This time, it seems to work.

In Catania, Eric and Jeremy are just getting into town, and they find the theater. BJ and Tyler, snoozing in their car, note the arrival of their great pals, who look for the clue box and ultimately find the hours-of-operation sign. And, of course, BJ and Tyler's "brilliant" and "hilarious" sign-in sheet. Eric and Jeremy actually SIGN IN using the sheet, despite declaring it "kinda ghetto," which means that as dumb as BJ and Tyler are for pulling this stunt, they aren't as dumb as their friends are for falling for it. "Always good to have somebody around dumber than you" probably explains the reason why Eric and Jeremy have many of their friends. You'd think BJ and Tyler would constitute the lower end of the scale of so many obnoxious qualities, but leave it to Eric and Jeremy to be on the bottom floor looking for down escalators. Slowly, it dawns on Eric (who, I think, qualifies as "the smart one," terrifyingly enough, in that I suspect he can unwrap a gift without winding up with the ribbon accidentally wrapped around his neck) that Tyler and BJ might have been the culprits behind the sign-in sheet. Eventually, the jig is up, and BJ and Tyler open their car doors to collect the kudos for their awesome joke. What's brilliant is that Eric mocks the stupidity and obviousness of the bogus sign-in sheet, which is a little bit difficult given that his name has been written on it. You can't really make fun of a guy for what he's serving when your partner is eating his third plate of it, after all.

MoJo is asking someone in traffic for directions, and the guy agrees to lead them, so that's nice. Barry, for his part, is admiring a headless statue from the car, and he and Fran don't know where they are. This brings out the Fran in Barry, as it happens. "Oh my God, we're screwed now," he says. Fran starts ordering him to calm down, which is awesome, because we have only listened about 4,000 times as she has repeatedly declared that they are certain to be eliminated. I guess things like that are always easier to deal with when you're not the one who's upset.

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