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The many fish of Italy

Commercials. "There may be bugs on some of you mugs" will haunt me always, apparently.

Joseph and Monica continue to struggle. Finally, they find a guy who seems to know where the right seller is, and Monica picks up her fish so they can go. She's skeptical of the directions, while Joseph has become so frustrated that he openly ponders stabbing a local through the head with a swordfish, which is not very friendly, to say the least. Finally, they make their way to the right guy, who takes their fish and gives them their clue. "Did we not ask that son of a bitch if he was him?" Joseph wonders. They are very frustrated as they get the clue for Siracusa and take off. I certainly hope that the guy didn't deny being himself. That sort of frustrates the purpose of the game.

Fran and Barry see MoJo leaving, and Fran notes with what appears to be amusement, "She's cryin'." I think now I know what they meant when they originally said something about not being able to play the nice old grandma and grandpa. My grandma was never that happy when I was crying. ["Mine seemed to feel that it was beneficial to the health to let it out. Drinking buttermilk and weeping at will were kind of her tips for long life." -- Sars] They sell two kilos of fish to some guy, and then they sell one more, and they're done. That looks to have been very, very easy. When you only have to sell four kilos total and people buy two at a time, that task is too easy. They collect their clue for Siracusa and chuckle as they leave in fourth place, although they and MoJo are basically leaving at the same time. As they leave town, Monica notes a woman walking by, saying, "Aw, look how cute and clean she is." She starts to chuckle, which is a good thing. "And I've got fish guts all over me." Laughing at yourself when you have fish goo on you is a good first step toward retaining (1) your sanity; and (2) your boyfriend. Fran and Barry, meanwhile, are looking up the city on their map. As they're sitting there looking…

Here come Lake and Michelle. They hunt around for the clue as Fran and Barry are getting into their car. Fran mutters about how Lake undoubtedly wants help, not that he has asked for any, and she and Barry crow about how they'd never help him. If this is still a motorcycle-engine-related grudge, it is now officially the stupidest grudge ever held on this show.

As Lake opens the amphitheater clue, he guesses at the contents: "Find somethin' in the middle-a frickin' nowhere." Cheating! He's cheating! Once they do read the actual clue, they go around and count the heads, and Michelle is convinced that they must be overlooking something, because the task can't possibly be that easy. Note to task creators: it's never good when contestants are commenting aloud on how stupid the instructions are. They find some guy and say "41" to him, but he turns out not to be the groundskeeper, so they have to keep looking. Apparently, that was just a dude who was happy to get the information. When they find the right guy, they get their clue for the Detour and choose the big fish. Michelle questions whether they should drive or walk, and Lake points out that the instructions say to walk. "Awwwwn foot, ding-dong!" he comments, and for some reason, calling her a "ding-dong" is so dopey that it doesn't even bother me. I'm starting to think that it might actually be okay with him if she talked to him like he talks to her. In fact, she sort of does, in her way.

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