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Go Jump in a Lake

Speaking of which, Justin and Jennifer are still in the cab to the Detour, having decided on the "sea kayak." "I feel a little weak but I'm not gonna quit," Jennifer says. After that nice rest she had at her bike-taxi destination?

Marcus tramps out to the boat and gives a roar of determination, earning him a round of cheers from the passengers. He gets his last passenger, a young man with a bundle on his head, while Amani cheers him on from the shallows. Once on the sand, Marcus nearly dumps the kid on his face, but luckily the passenger keeps his feet and they get the clue sending them to Jamaica Shop, now up to fifth place. "Caution, Double U-Turn ahead," they read. Laurence and Zac are still looking for that, so Amani and Marcus find it first. They consider U-Turning someone, but after taking a long look behind them, Marcus thinks they're in good shape, so they pass up the U-Turn as well. On to find the Pit Stop. They encounter Laurence and Zac squeezing through that gap in the bamboo fence. Team Adventure reaches the U-Turn sign at last, and they use the touchscreens to...U-Turn Marcus and Amani. Oh, come on.. You know, Ernie and Cindy really don't need to be embarrassed about their mistakes as long as these two are around. Well, except tonight's mistake. They should be embarrassed about that one. Laurence and Zac get their clue in fifth place, having U-Turned a team that's ahead of them. Which, you know, doesn't work.

Jeremy and Sandy finally paddle in, thinking they're in last place even though they're only in sixth. Sandy leads them back to their taxi. The siblings are finally approaching the lake, hoping they're not too far behind. Jeremy and Sandy get directions to Jamaica Shop from their cabbie and head back down to the beach just as Justin and Jennifer are arriving, and as the siblings find the canoes and put on life vests, Team Pre-Owned still seems to be wandering around aimlessly. Justin and Jennifer get in their boat and nearly tip it over before getting back to their old bickering ways while they try to figure out how to paddle the thing. Jeremy and Sandy are still schlepping themselves back down to the beach. Justin and Jennifer are figuring out how to work together well, which is rather sadly symbolic at this late stage.

Amani and Marcus arrive at the mat in fourth place and Phil congratulates them on coming back from last even with the Speed Bump. Marcus interviews that they're figuring out what they "need to do to be pushing for the first place in each leg."

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