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Jeremy and Sandy are right behind them in third, leaving at 5:40 AM. The allowance for this leg? One dollar. Make it count, guys. Laurence and Zac start out in fourth place, at 5:41 AM. Laurence interviews that they're competitive, and they'll U-Turn someone if they need to in order to stay in the race. But that's just it: you can't U-Turn someone to save yourself, because you're already ahead of them. If you could use the U-Turn to reel someone back who's already gone on ahead of you that would be one thing, but U-Turning is by definition screwing somebody else more than it's helping yourself. Do it if you want to, but don't lie to us about why you're doing it.

The sun's up by the time the snowboarders get to the Lilongwe Bus Station and learn that the next bus leaves at 7:00, and they'll buy their tickets on the bus. After we see that, Ernie and Cindy are the fifth team to start the leg, at 5:44 AM, which tells us it's a pretty short cab ride to the bus station: fifteen minutes or so, assuming we're seeing events in the proper sequence. Cindy interviews that Andy and Tommy are now the team to beat, if only she and Ernie can stop making so many mistakes. I think we're all looking forward to seeing week. In the cab to the bus station, Ernie suggests using the Express Pass to jump ahead. Can you use an Express Pass on a U-Turn? We may find out later.

Grandparents Bill and Cathi are mock-shivering, or maybe just straight-up shivering, as they open their clue at 5:47, in sixth place. By the time Amani and Marcus open their clue, it's 6:07 AM and full daylight. So even though they were already dragging their beds up the village path when the grandparents passed them after coming back to pay their driver, they still made it to the mat 20 minutes later. Either those beds slowed them down a lot or that path's longer than I thought. Marcus looks at the allowance for this leg and non-sequiturs, "One dollar? What are we gonna ride, a pachyderm?" That might at least be quieter than the alarmingly squeaky wheel in their cab. In a pre-leg interview, Marcus admits to being worried about the upcoming Speed Bump they'll need to do at some point this leg as punishment for losing the last one, but his old NFL coach always told him to pay attention to the details and then the big things will take care of themselves. "So that's what we gotta do." I always kind of thought it was the other way around, but I'm not in the NFL yet.

Teams are boarding that 7:00 bus: Justin and Jennifer, Andy and Tommy, Laurence and Zac, Jeremy and Sandy, Ernie and Cindy, and Bill and Cathi. It doesn't look too comfortable in there, with way too many locals toting way too much stuff, not all of it great-smelling. By the time Amani and Marcus arrive, the bus looks pretty full and there's still a long line of people waiting to get on. But Team NFL still somehow gets seats, way at the back of the bus. Yes, that means they'll be a while getting off when they arrive, but at least they're sitting down. Given how many people seem to be standing in the aisle holding stacks of buckets on their shoulders, that's practically First Class.

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