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Nick and Don (yay!) get their tea, and Nick is struck by how very hot it is, though he urges Don to "drink it as fast as you can." Meanwhile, TK and Rachel's driver and Nate and Jen's driver both seem to be just hunting around for the teahouse, not really sure, apparently, where they're going. TK and Rachel pass Nate and Jen, and, predictably, Jen freaks out. "I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do!" she burbles. Nick and Don, through with their coffee, leave with their cups as TK and Rachel pull up outside. Nick and Don find a guy to translate the clue for them, and with "night market" and "you search a happy clown" to go on, they leave. Rachel tells TK the tea is too hot for her to drink. He tells her they should just take it with them, then. Nate and Jen are pulling up outside. As Rachel and TK go to leave, she's complaining that her mouth is burnt and she's not going to be tasting anything for a while. Inside, Nate and Jen get their tea. TK and Rachel find someone to give them directions, and Jen finds someone who actually agrees to walk her to the market.

Heading for the park, Christina tells us that while the stones will be uncomfortable, it's "just mind over matter." When they get there and set out over the stones, Ron has an easier time than she does, which he chalks up to the fact that he has old-man calluses on his feet. Heh. Probably the only time ever that old-man feet will be a handy asset on this show. Christina, on the other hand, says it felt like piranhas were eating her feet. That's quite colorful. They reach the end and turn around, as he urges her to think about massages.

Nick and Don look for the clown. TK and Rachel look for translation of the cup clue. Nate and Jen try to get their helper to explain "clown," which she originally spells "cow," which causes some confusion for a bit, as you can imagine. I'm sort of regretful that it was cleared up, though, because watching Jen and Nate wander around a night market doing a lot of fruitless but evocative mooing? That would be a great way for her to spend her birthday. Well, it would be a great way for me to spend her birthday.

Ron and Chris finish on the pointy stones, so they can get their clue. It tells them to go to the pit stop, which is at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Plaza. "The last team to check in here will be eliminated," says Phil. In the cab, Ron says, "I know we are one," by which he means they're in first place, but Chris makes it, in an interview, into this big thing about how they're becoming one person, and whatever -- it's about how he treats you after you get home and the cameras are off, girl. That's the only way you're going to know.

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