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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

We check in quickly with Team Who in their cab, where Jeff is dramatically stating that they're "choosing the Fast Forward and [they're] not turning back." Unless, of course, they miss the exit, that case, they'd probably have to turn back.

Chipster cab. We actually have to listen to Reichen explain that they can't take the FF because they've already taken theirs, which seems like sort of a silly bit to drop in at this late date. Elsewhere, Jon and Kelly are on the train, where BuffJon is studying the map and figuring out where they'll need to hop off. It's a race between these two teams at the moment, so they're doing a good job testing out the taxi-versus-train theory for this particular stretch. On the train, Kelly and BuffJon salivate at the thought of landing in the top three, while in their cab, the Chipsters say dramatic things like, "This is it."

David, meanwhile, asks their driver whether he can go any faster, or whether the cab is somehow mechanically deficient.

On the train, BuffJon looks out the window at the stopped-up traffic that the train is passing. Kelly pretends to see the Chipsters sitting in their little cab. Hee. "That's what we like to see," says BuffJon, happy with their choice. He points out downtown out the train window, and then we get some jumpy careening footage of downtown Brisbane as the teams approach. Jon and Kelly hop off the train. The Chipsters drive up in their taxi and hop out at the transit station that's reported on the clue to be right by the hotel. As the driver explains to the Chipsters that the hotel and transit center are "all one complex," Reichen chuckles at what a relief it is to have English-speaking taxi drivers again. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the taxi industry of Asia isn't currently writing love poems about you, either, knucklehead.

Kelly is asking for directions to the hotel, and when she gets them, she and BuffJon take off running out the door of what looks kind of like a big indoor mall. The Chipsters, meanwhile, cab it straight to the hotel entrance and run inside, just edging out Kelly and Jon. "All these little precious seconds," Chip mutters, really beginning to work my nerves a little at this point. They are first to be directed to the elevators to go up to the penthouse. When Kelly and Jon check in with the hotel concierge, they're disappointed to hear that one team is indeed ahead of them. Upstairs, that team of Chipsters is clambering off the elevator on the penthouse floor. We suddenly jump to a shot staring directly at the ground from high above, and then we return to the Chipsters, plucking a clue from a box that's essentially on the penthouse balcony. The clue offers a classic Reckless/Chicken Detour. In this case, the options are labeled Face First and Foot First. In Face First, you do a face-down rappel off the balcony down the side of the hotel. Oy. In Foot First, however, you run on foot all the way down to street level, run over to a different hotel, and climb thirty flights of stairs to the next clue. So you can chicken out of the rappel if you want to, but you're going to lose huge amounts of time if you do. This is one of those "suck it up or die, punk" Detours, because they've got it heavily weighted. Unsurprisingly, the Chipsters choose face-first rappelling just as Kelly and Jon are screeching into the suite. Kelly is the first to slap the clue and just say they're doing the rappel, so clearly, she's willing to try it. As they put her into her safety gear, however, Kelly starts to worry about her hand, which she injured breaking boards last week. "Babe, you'll be fine," BuffJon says. She worries that she can't grab the rope as well as she should. "I'm a little worried about my hand, because I can't make a fist, gotta do what you gotta do." BuffJon is going first for their team, and he thinks it looks like it's going to be big fun. Meanwhile, Chip is going first for his team. In an interesting side note, Jon was clearly hoping that he could go down at the same time as Kelly, because he's unhappy that they have to go down one at a time.

Brisbane airport. The clowns arrive. They run into the airport and look for ground transportation.

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