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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

The Chipsters check out the next clue, and Phil explains that it tells them to hop in one of the marked cars and drive forty miles to Mooloolaba and a place called Underwater World. (Which Chip pronounces "Mooloolaboo," incidentally.) I swear, half the place names in Australia sound like names of Muppets. But in any event, it looks like Underwater World is a kind of aquarium/theme park dealie, and Phil says that once they arrive, the teams will follow a path to a route marker that looks to be inside one of the exhibits. Oh, and...look out, shark! Heh, just kidding.

The Chipsters take to their car, with Jon and Kelly right behind them. Both teams are checking their maps and routes to get pointed in the right direction.

A wonderful dose of what my brain immediately labels "lazy hula music" brings us to the beach, where David and Jeff are still working at the Fast Forward task. It's a lovely touch, the way they're playing this leisurely, mellow music while these guys are frantically trying to haul this poor girl up onto a board. David explains that the surf rescue was none too easy. He says that sometimes they couldn't get the girl on the board at all, and then they'd get her on facing the wrong direction, and then they'd tip the whole kit cup of tea. "She was a solid girl," he comments in an interview, looking like he's not sure what to say next. Fearing that no self-respecting woman who's read The Beauty Myth will ever sleep with him again, ever, he adds, "She was not fat, was hard getting her on that thing." Ah, yes. An actual girl made of girl, rather than a girl made of hair mousse. It always seems to come as a surprise to certain guys. We finally see them get her up on the board. They start to paddle, and because of the way that Jeff is behind the girl on the board, lying half on top of her to paddle, he has his nose pretty much directly in her crotch in a way that is so conspicuous I'm surprised the censors allowed it. They make their way back to shore, battling continuing wave issues. Jeff makes the understandable observation that the surf was higher than he was used to, followed by the rather dodgy observation that he had trouble because the water was too warm. Hmmm. At any rate, he drags the drowning victim off the board and up the beach. The instructor hands them their clue, which instructs them to drive to the pit stop, located at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club. They leave, happily calling out to the girl, "You were a good victim!" Heh. They pile into their car.

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