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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

ClownJon and Al are just arriving at the Detour clue box. They seem aware that they have to do the face-first rappel if they want to have any chance of catching up. ClownJon goes down first, and it looks like it bothers him very little. Of course, he does get shot out of an explosive device on a regular basis. Al, on the other hand, hesitates at the top. There seem to have been some indications along the way that he's not so great with heights, and there's probably never been a fear-of-heights-challenging task quite like this in race history. "You can do it!" ClownJon hollers up to him. Al rests his forehead on the railing. Aw.

Elsewhere, the Chipsters are running into navigation problems on the way to Underwater World. "What were we thinking, not getting a map?" Reichen complains. What, indeed? They ask a guy for directions, and he gives them a lead, while Kelly and BuffJon seem to be finding their way there a little more easily. In the Chipster car, Reichen complains that they "can't afford to, like, waste time." Like, I hear you. So, like, move it.

"Come on, Al!" ClownJon yells at the bottom of the rappel. Up on the balcony, Al tries to psych himself up. He goes over the edge and starts down. "Woooo!" screams ClownJon, doing all he can for the team effort. My favorite part is how Al talks to himself constantly in this very calm voice the entire time he's pattering down. "That's all I'm doin' is goin' down a hill...that's aaaaaall I'm doin'." Yeah. I find it's the hills that are at ninety degree angles to the ground that are the hardest to go down, don't you? He hangs up at the complex part of the descent where others have struggled, but he manages to get himself turned the right way and get going again. He hits the ground nicely. ClownJon gives him the big, loud, aggressive, mind-bending "Woo!"/"Yeah!" combo meal. Al says that he was very nervous and didn't think he could do it. Aw, yay! They read the clue, and I try not to pay attention to the little words at the bottom of the screen that say, "Currently in Last Place." I am just pretending they say "Tomorrow Is Friday." They do the ClownRun to the car.

Kelly and BuffJon are just ahead of the Chipsters as they approach Underwater World. Both teams park and run inside. As they do, Reichen hilariously voices over, "It's like, we do everything faster than Jon and Kelly, but then they always go by us at the event." Yeah. You know, running to the event counts as something they do faster than you, and actually, if they're able to pass you in the hallway, it's not like you had built up much of a lead. In this case, it seemed like the Chipsters picked up some time at the Detour and then lost it navigating to the next route marker, so what's Reichen's point? Inside, the teams wind up in a single little clump as they run. Kelly asks Jon to please not push her (heh), and then they all make it to the clue box as a group. They pull the clue, and it's the Roadblock. The hint says, "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water." They're surrounded by a shark tank, so if you know your Spielberg movies, you probably know where this is headed. BuffJon immediately points to himself and says he'll do it, but Kelly hesitates. "I think I should do it," she says. Phil, with a shark's face right over his shoulder, explains that in this Roadblock, the chosen person will have to put on scuba gear and walk through the shark tank, dodging a collection of sea creatures as well as oodles of sharks, over to collect a clue from a "treasure chest" on the bottom of the tank. Phil calls the animals a "rogues' gallery of sea creatures." So, you know, somebody is at least trying to write good copy for Phil, which I appreciate.

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