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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

Reichen takes the task for the Chipsters, and while he knows Kelly wants to do it, BuffJon says, "We've gotta beat these guys," and winds up doing it himself. Considering that she's coming off a pretty unnerving experience at the rappel, I don't entirely blame him for not trusting her nerves entirely at this point, but still, he would ideally have let her have a shot, since it's more than her turn. BuffJon and Reichen both get suited up, with BuffJon winding up in a fuchsia and black scuba suit, while Reichen's is peach and black. know, they're both looking about equally studly.

As he's let into the tank, BuffJon is told by the instructor guy not to stand on the sharks on the bottom, because that's a sure way to get them to bite you. The guy also tells him to clasp his hands in front of him and keep them that way while he walks, presumably because you don't want to dangle anything as tasty-looking and potentially attention-getting as an arm in front of a shark. "You can't trust the animals' behavior," the guy tells him. BuffJon nods through his mask. For some reason, a guy nodding with a giant breathing device on his face is reliably funny. Guy in scuba mask nodding? Funny. Guy with industrial respirator nodding? Funny. Darth Vader nodding? Funny. Anyway, he plunges in. Non-copyright-infringing but somehow Jaws-recalling music dum-dum-dum-dums in the background as BuffJon makes his way across the tank, with sharks swimming by and around him. Reichen, meanwhile, is getting ready to get in the tank. He turns and tells the camera that he asked whether the sharks bite, and the response was, "Let's just go." It's a pretty dumb question, really -- obviously, they wouldn't put you in there if biting was likely, but nobody can swear to you that an animal that has teeth won't bite you if you go into a tank with it. Anyway, he plunges into the tank as well.

Kelly and Chip are watching from the normal visitor's side of the glass while BuffJon approaches inside the tank. "Is that Reichen?" Chip asks. "It's Jon," Kelly says, watching him with a smile. "Hi, babe!" she says, waving happily at him with both hands. "Look at the stingray," she says to Chip, "it's goin' right over his head!" She voices over that Jon was so focused on getting across to the treasure chest that he didn't even notice or look up at the stingray that passed just over his head. BuffJon makes it to the little treasure chest and removes the clue. This takes place right in front of where Kelly is watching, so when she waves again, he gives her a tiny little wave of his hand before he puts his hands back together. As he heads back to exit the tank, he passes Reichen, who is slowly making his way across as well. Reichen voices over that trying to walk in the tank was challenging; what with all the fish and the little guys scuttling around on the ground, it's very hard to balance with your hands together in front of you the way they were told to do it. "I just went really slowly," he says as we see him...well, going really slowly. Kelly notices a shark going right by Jon, and alerts Chip that Jon actually had to stop and let the shark pass, like traffic. Come to think of it, people aren't even that accommodating to me when I am traffic. Maybe I need bigger teeth. Jon voices over that as he passed Reichen on the way out, he noticed that Reichen's eyes looked like the eyes of a cat hanging onto the ceiling with its claws. Hey, I know that look. I've seen it on my dog when he thinks he's being taken to get a shot. Kelly notes to Chip that Reichen looks very scared. In a voice-over, Reichen confirms that indeed, he was scared out of his wits. "I was absolutely petrified," he confirms. For some reason, when the fish start to make him nervous, he starts waving his hand through the water, doing the opposite of what he was told. It's not clear whether this is a balance problem, or whether he's trying to wave something off, or what. "Reichen!" Kelly gasps. "Put your hands together, buddy," she says, though he can't hear her. Chip calls out Reichen's name as a shark approaches him.

Commercials. How can there be a commercial comparing Ultra Downy to Suavizante when I've never even heard of Suavizante? Are they still inventing ground-breaking fabric softeners? I sort of thought fabric softener development had maxed out.

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