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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

We return to the shark tank, where Reichen is moronically waving his hands around. He recovers his senses, though, and with a well-placed cymbal crash, he clasps them back together. Whew, that was close. I figured he might get his arm bitten off. Reichen voices over that it was indeed a pretty nerve-wracking experience, and that the sharks definitely wanted him to understand that the tank was "their territory." "So I wanted to respect that," he says. Because Reichen is all about respect for the feelings of sharks, unlike Korean taxi drivers. Driver should've bitten him. Kelly sees that BuffJon is emerging from the tank, so she heads off to meet him, giving a merry "Bye, guys!" to Chip. Over in the de-scubifying area, BuffJon reports on his journey. "That was awesome," he says with a smile. "There were some big sharks in there."

Back in the tank, Reichen retrieves the clue.

Kelly gives Jon a smooch as he finishes getting dressed. She reads the clue: "Make your way on foot to the next pit stop, the Mooloolaba Yacht Club." Phil repeats that they have to race to the mat on foot, so nobody had better pull a Heave and screw it up. "The last team to check in here will be eliminated," Phil says simply.

Kelly and BuffJon take off, with her re-emphasizing the "on foot" portion of the clue. They run outside and up to a guy to ask him where the club is, but he doesn't know.

Team Who, however, is just arriving at the pit stop in their car. They pull in and stop, then get out and run toward the mat. A chick in what looks to be a bathing suit (though it's hard to tell) welcomes them. You can just see them going, "Best! Greeter! Ever!" inside their heads. Perhaps she is their unattainable Sara of Italy. Phil tells them that they're team number one. And they've won yet another trip, this time a vacation to "exotic Mexico." "No way," David says. "Awesome, dude." I swear, I never thought you'd see a team say "dude" more than Esquire, but I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Reichen emerges from the shark tank. Chip reads the clue out loud, including "Make your way on foot." "Let's go, let's go, last team will be eliminated," he says. I think what happened there is mostly that Chip was thinking "elimination," and he skipped right over the body of the clue looking for the location and the telltale elimination phrase. Elsewhere, Kelly and BuffJon are still trying to track down the location of the yacht club. They find a guy who actually does know where it is, and gets them going in the right direction.

As Reichen gets dressed, Chip says, "We're runnin'." "Why don't we drive, you wanna drive?" Reichen says. It sounds like Chip has gotten some directions, because he tells Reichen that it's a kilometer down the road. Because they saw Kelly and BuffJon take off running, apparently, the Chipsters think maybe they should run, too, but they appear to have absolutely no knowledge that the clue says that. Kelly and Jon continue running. The Chipsters, meanwhile, are in the parking lot, returning to their car. They're arguing walk versus drive, but I think they're arguing about whether driving is even faster for that short distance, not what to do about the clue. Chip is expressing reservations about all the getting in and getting out that driving entails, but when Reichen asks him whether he wants to run instead, Chip just says, "We made a decision, let's go." So they get in the car. And drive. It's Heather and Eve all over again, literally. Well, hopefully without the crew-blaming part. Reichen says he hopes they'll pass Kelly and Jon on foot. Sigh.

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