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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

3:55 AM. Speaking of the Chipsters, it's time for them to take their turn at the rip-and-read. Reichen counts an unquantified wad of cash while Chip reads the clue. As they walk off the mat, Reichen tells us that this is "the time [they] really perform to get into the top three." Yeah, yeah,, don't tell, pretty boy. Out at the curb, as they search for a driver who knows the way, the boys run into BuffJon and Kelly, who have apparently blown their small opening lead waiting for English-speaking cabbies. Kelly makes the call that it's time to cut their losses, so she and Jon ask an available driver to take them to a hotel (a request that the cabbie can apparently understand), where she's hoping for a little more help. She voices over that she's "really starting to feel the pressure of being the only girl." Interestingly, Margarita, still my female role model racer, said almost exactly the same thing at a similar point during her season, so there's got to be something to the girl pressure theory. Not that I want to hear about it every five minutes like she's Marcia Brady joining the Frontier Scouts or anything. In the cab, Kelly studies the map while she voices over that the last couple of tasks they had to do pushed her physical limits to the point where she got hurt, but she's doing her best to hang in. Once she and BuffJon have driven off, we return to the curb and watch the Chipsters climb into that first cab that Kelly and Jon rejected. It might be useful to note for future reference that there isn't any footage of the Chipsters asking the guy whether he speaks English, and they're not even sure he knows where he's going when they climb in, because Reichen says, "Do you think he knows?" "Yeah," Chip says, and Reichen answers, "It doesn't get better than that." So I think they've clearly got misgivings from the beginning. I wonder if they'll prove to be well-founded. Let's watch!

In their cab, Kelly asks BuffJon whether he thinks Chip and Reichen know what they're doing. "No," Jon says flatly. "And their guy doesn't speak a lick of English." In the Chipster cab, the boys repeat the name of their destination, and the cab driver says, "Okay." "You know?" Chip asks. "Okay," the cabbie replies. Reichen warns Chip that the guy clearly doesn't understand anything they're saying. He then voices over that Chip is more intense in the race than at home, as we watch Chip make a very appropriate, very tortured, and very comedic constipated/competitive face. "When we're really, really intense and we forget to have fun at all, that's a little bit crippling to our team," Reichen adds. I think it's crippling to Chip's jaw muscles, too, considering that it looks like he's about to chew his own chin off.

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