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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

Kelly and BuffJon arrive at the kites. "Thank you very much," she says to the driver, not so determined as Chip is to grind her transportation karma into a fine powder. As Kelly explains in a voice-over, BuffJon has a little trouble understanding the clue, and he pulls the actual kite string itself instead of the wire attached to the clue. They point out that the locals started making alarmed noises when he did this. That, in and of itself, is funny, but they could probably have stood to point it out without the stereotypical Hong Kong Phooey voices. It's not up there with threatening to withhold payment to members of the service industry, but this certainly is an evening for handing out more than a few cultural demerits. Anyway, BuffJon continues yanking until the string snaps and a line of kites flutters aimlessly. Kelly and Jon stand there, baffled as to what to do next. "Uhhh...that sucks," Kelly says, showing a rare flair for understatement.

5:15 AM. David and Jeff. "We're just lucky to be here," David says in the cab. You bet you are, bud. "And we're happy to be here," Jeff says. It was at this moment that I realized that although this is not, admittedly, the most scintillating team that has ever run the race, I have come to have an appreciation for people who act calmly, and whom you can usually count on not to abruptly turn into assholes just because they don't get their own way. They have a normalcy that, while it's not necessarily great television, has a lot of appeal to me. Jeff voices over that they sat down after the last (crummy) leg and decided that they'd just get up and try to have a better leg this time. They've apparently decided to start by refining the facial hair, because there was some scruffiness going on last week, and now everyone is perfectly landscaped again. I'm telling you, Edward Scissorhands did no more elaborate work.

Kelly and BuffJon figure out that he was pulling the wrong string, and when they eventually locate the right wire, they successfully get the clue. She gets a little (and by "a little," I mean "enormous") amusement out of his having bungled the pull the first time, considering his irritating tendency to be right a lot, but they both seem happy to read the news of Australia. They return to the cab and get in to head for the airport.

At Inchon airport, the first team to show is Al and ClownJon. They ask a lady inside whether the counters are open, and she says in her most pleasant voice that they're not, but they will be at 6:00 AM.

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