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Such A Nice Pheromone Smell To You; Just Makes Me Want To Stay Close to You

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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

At the kites, David and Jeff get their clue, and we get a foreshadowing moment when Jeff hands David the Fast Forward. They leave for the airport.

The Jon and Kelly taxi is on its way to the airport, but a new and very menacing character has entered the scene in the form of Heavy Fog, which has descended during the drive. As BuffJon points out, it's so thick that it looks more like flying through a cloud than anything else. He describes it in a voice-over as having been so sudden that it was like "Zeus with a lightning bolt." Except, of course, that it would be a fog bolt, presumably. So Zeus isn't, like, mad at you, he's just trying to make you think. Kelly rests on his shoulder as they drive.

At the airport, ClownJon and Al are working on their travel arrangements. Al explains that ClownJon is on the phone calling a twenty-four-hour travel place, trying to find out about flights. We hear ClownJon verify with a big liar named "Chris" on the phone that the only possible option is a Korean Air flight from Inchon to Singapore, and then a flight from Singapore to Brisbane. A perhaps too-dramatic slo-mo shot of ClownJon hanging up the phone follows, accompanied by an equally stirring musical flourish. I think you can guess at this point that that was not great advice. They get in line at Korean Air to purchase their tickets.

The Chipsters get out of their taxi, probably stiffing their driver. They're lucky they ended up at the airport at all. I would have driven them to the dog pound and dropped them off. Inside, they look at the Arr/Dep board, and Reichen explains that they determined that there were in fact two possible flights to Singapore -- one on Korean Air, and one on Singapore Air. Kelly and BuffJon arrive and wind up at the counter at the same time as the Chipsters. It turns out that Korean Air and Singapore Air are actually ticketed at the same counter, and when she's asked, the nice lady tells Reichen that the Singapore Air flight actually gets you in earlier. Reichen says that logically enough, they took the Singapore Air flight, for the simple reason that it left earlier.

BuffJon comes up on the Chipsters as they're finishing their booking. He sidles up next to them and says to the ticket agent, "Can I have exactly what they have?" Kelly laughs. As he lingers next to them, BuffJon says, "Such a nice pheromone smell to you...just makes me want to stay close to you." Reichen is seen attempting not to be amused by this and being amused anyway, and then he interviews with a grin that Jon tries to make them out to be as stereotypically gay as possible, because he's threatened by the fact that they're bigger studs than he is. Heh. Jon and Reichen are both laughing at the counter during this exchange, so I really didn't take it as particularly nasty. It struck me as rather run-of-the-mill boy-to-boy dick-measuring bullshit, for the most part. At the counter, both teams are wondering where the clowns are.

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