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"Drive to the pit stop," my foot

Where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns! Don't bother, they're at the gate, waiting for the Korean Air flight. Al returns to the theme of how nerve-wracking it can be to be the only team in a particular place, because it makes you wonder...whether perhaps you screwed up. "Did they find something better?" ClownJon makes a similar nervous face. See, I don't get how they could have not checked more at this point, especially when the other teams didn't arrive. Never put all your eggs in the basket of one guy on the phone, is what I always say.

Slam-cut to the Singapore Airlines sign. Nice. David and Jeff are snagging this flight, too, learning that it will get them into Brisbane at 6:30 in the morning.

The music tersely indicates inclement weather, and looking outside, we see that it is once again quite foggy. Inside, Kelly and BuffJon are learning that their flight on Singapore Air is delayed on account of the fog. "How much delay is it?" Kelly asks. "I don't know," the lady says. The Chipsters are getting the same news, learning that the flight is delayed at least forty minutes. BuffJon points out as they wait at the gate that if the flight to Singapore is delayed too long, they'll miss the connection to Brisbane. David says that three of the teams are scheduled for this same flight, but they don't know where the clowns ended up.

The clowns, meanwhile, go over to check on whether their flight is delayed, and they're told by the gate agent that the flight isn't likely to be delayed. Al interviews that they were told the flight was going to start loading any time now. I swear, airline gate agents have a more flexible definition of "any time now" than anyone, except possibly the cable company when they're explaining when service will be restored.

The Singapore Air flight starts to board. Over at Korean Air, ClownJon looks out the window and assesses the situation, and he realizes that the Korean Air flights look to be badly backed up, so even though the fog is lifting, it's going to take a while for them to get in the air. I'm not entirely sure the gate agent misled them on purpose -- I think the gate agent may not have realized exactly how things were going to shake out. ClownJon voices over that they only have a two-hour layover in Singapore, so they can't withstand too much of a delay. Just then, a guy walks by, and ClownJon asks him whether the flight is delayed. The guy says yes -- about two hours. "That's a problem," ClownJon says gravely. They decide to explore other options, a decision that unfortunately is coming a little late in the process. They spot the Singapore Air flight on the Arr/Dep board, and the fact that it's in the process of boarding. As the other teams pile onto the flight, the clowns run through the airport, heading for the gate to try to make it. Al explains that it was while they were running to the flight that it occurred to him that the other teams were probably on that flight, so it was important for them to haul ass and get on it. They arrive at the terminal and beg for tickets, and are told that the agent will ticket them and try to get the tickets out to the gate on time, but it's pretty clear that nobody is promising anything. ClownJon puts his head on the counter. Sigh.

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