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Bill and Cathi are stamping out indistinct blobs of butter. Cathi says they've already made 24. You'd think they'd be good at it by now, but fingers crossed for the next batch. Andy and Tommy are pulling up outside, and finally the grandparents satisfy the dairy maids and get their next clue. The snowboarders are doing the same, out at the mailbox. Seeing Bill and Cathi heading for the windmill, they ask how the butter churning was. "It's doable," Cathi says. They decide on that one, as Tommy remarks that animals are "always kinda hard." Approaching the windmill with the U-Turn sign under it, Bill says, "Somebody's up there, and it looks like us." Cathi realizes Cindy and Ernie U-Turned them. "That says something, doesn't it?" Bill remarks calmly. Then, without a second thought, they U-Turn Laurence and Zac. So as always, the morality of the U-Turn is entirely dependent upon which end of it you're on. Heading back, Cathi asks, "How good are you at rabbits?" "I guess I'll learn," Bill says. "Bastards." Hey, that's no way to talk about rabbits. They soon find their way to the field where the rabbit-leading happens. There are lanes marked off, and piles of obstacle pieces at the head of each one that they'll have to set up to match the one that's already arranged. They quickly put them together and arrange them correctly, after which they get to head over the cages to choose a rabbit. Bill picks a brown one that he dubs "Hopper" and carries over to the head of the course. As Bill leads him along, he little critter looks cute jumping over everything, but since he stopped a few times, Bill has to take him through it again. Which is fine with me; I could watch this indefinitely.

Amani and Marcus finally reach the castle in last place. Amani is taking this one. "You made it. Rough day?" Jeremy greets Marcus inside. "Unbelievable," Marcus confirms. Marcus tells us that it's tough to be the last two people standing there looking at each other. "Everybody's way ahead," Jeremy confirms. On the one hand, it must be encouraging to see another team, but on the other hand, that other team is Jeremy and Sandy.

Bill's swapping rabbits. "Hopper got winded," he explains, drafting a Dalmatian-spotted one he calls "Speckles." Speckles does much better than Hopper, eagerly jumping over all the obstacles. Then it's Cathi's turn, and Speckles does just as well for her. "Oh, Speckles, we're gonna take you home!" Bill says proudly. Good luck with that. They get their clue, so even after getting U-Turned, they're still in second place. Quite impressive, especially when you think back to how they started this race by getting lost in Taipei for a whole afternoon. I guess that was all of their major screw-ups for the whole race, right there. Now I've jinxed it, of course. Forget I said anything. On their way back to the windmill, Cathi says, "The good news is we know where this is." They get their clue telling them to drive to the Pit Stop, and they head back to their car talking about how mean people can be. Oh, don't be so hard on yourselves, guys.

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