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At the castle, Sandy's on her third dance. While Amani is learning the dances, Marcus tells us that all they can do is keep racing, because that's all he knows how to do. Unless he's at the Amsterdam airport, that is, which is where all he knows how to do is relax. Sandy finishes the dance, so she and Jeremy are out of there in fifth place. "We're dead last, as always," Marcus says. Team Pre-Owned gets back in their car, Sandy decreeing, "We can't get lost." She navigates while Jeremy drives. They will get lost.

Amani seems to be enjoying the dancing, or at least the third one, which she finishes happily. Clue for her, and then she and Marcus are running for their car, Marcus reminding her they're in last place. Until Jeremy and Sandy get lost, that is.

Laurence and Zac arrive at the farm in fourth place and Laurence decides they're doing All Churned Out. They find the snowboarders already at it in the dairy hut, and join right in. Driving down the road, Ernie says he didn't want to U-Turn anyone. "I'm sorry I'm the mean one," Cindy says. But this discussion can wait, because they just found the Havet Ship. "This is great!" Cindy sings from the back seat. On the dock next to the gangway leading onto the boat, a young Danish Philip Seymour Hoffman in a sailor hat is playing a merry tune on an accordion while Phil waits next to a greeter who's dressed like a salty old sea captain. Phil all but shouts at Ernie and Cindy, You are team number one!" They celebrate happily as Phil tells them they've won a trip to Fiji. Cindy explains, "We learned from the last leg. We didn't U-Turn the boys and they beat us at the very last second, so we knew that Bill and Cathi were right behind us. We feel bad about U-Turning them, but you kinda have to do what you have to do to secure first." Ernie looks like he feels worse about it than she does. You think these guys might be focusing too much on winning individual legs and not enough on the overall race?

Andy slaps down his last stick of butter, so he and Tommy are done with the Detour. That was easy. Andy then slaps Tommy on the shirt with a butter-covered hand, and they have a short butter fight before getting their clue. Which Andy pulls right out of his own slippery hand when trying to open it. Tommy misses the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to call Andy a literal butterfingers, which should be good for a time penalty, if you ask me. They head out of the Detour in third place. At the windmill, they do a forensic analysis of the touch screen signs to see who U-Turned whom. Off to the Pit Stop for them. Getting in the car, neither of them can believe they weren't U-Turned. Now that they mention it, neither can I.

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