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Team Pre-Owned: still lost. Jeremy: "You gotta be kidding me." Sandy: "What?" She just stares blankly out the front of the car, like this is happening to someone else.

After the ads, they pull up in front of a suburban house with a brick front yard and Sandy asks the lady out front, "Excuse me, I'm very lost. Is this Lyngby?" The local gives them a little help with their map and they're back on their way. "Back towards Copenhagen," Jeremy sighs. Well, at least he's not yelling, and judging from Sandy's serene attitude, that's clearly all that counts.

Laurence and Zac jump a twig fence and run for the windmill. "This is bloody ridiculous!" Laurence fumes after seeing himself and Zac as having been U-Turned. So unfair. Zac just focuses on the fact that they have to go back, but Laurence would rather stand there and be pissed. Because after all, how tacky do you have to be to U-Turn someone who hasn't already passed you?

Marcus is giving his rabbit another pep talk while Amani waits next to him with amazing patience, given that as far as they know they're still in last place: "You do good for me, okay? I need you to work your magic. I've had a frustrating day and right now you can really help my frustration, okay?" Laurence and Zac show up, and Marcus leads their rabbit through the course while Team Adventure is still setting up their obstacles. Marcus's rabbit stops short with its head over the finish line, which I guess counts because the handler comes over with the clue while Marcus is still crouched on the ground tugging on the leash and trying to coax it that last step forward. It hops over as he receives the envelope, and Marcus is like a proud papa. "I love you," he tells it, in all apparent sincerity. They have their clue in -- get this -- fourth place. They head off to the windmill while Laurence continues to seethe, "This is the most ridiculous thing in the world, isn't it?" I assume he means rabbit racing and not the U-Turn, because the latter is just karma. Amani and Marcus get to the windmill and "choose not to U-Turn," as if they could, and read the clue sending them to the Pit Stop back in Copenhagen.

Speaking of where, Cathi spots the ship and asks Bill to pull over. Andy and Tommy pull in right next to them as they're getting out. Somehow, after getting all their backpacks out, Bill and Cathi make it to the mat next, with the snowboarders not rushing in ahead at the last second like they did last week. "We know we're not last, Phil," Cathi says. Andy and Tommy join them on the mat, and Phil looks between the four of them, prompting, "Aren't you excited?" I guess he's satisfied with their responses because he tells Bill and Cathi, "Quite unbelievable, you are team number two." They're pretty happy about that. Andy and Tommy, in third, say they're happy for Cindy and Ernie, who they say deserved this one. I think that's just leftover guilt from beating them in the previous leg, and Cathi pipes up, "Don't have quite the kindness in my heart for them." "Kinda like kicking your mother and father to the curb," Bill adds, laughing. Except you're not their parents, Bill, you're a potential final-three team. I can't believe I just said that.

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