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Jeremy and Sandy have finally reached the farm in last place, and they just set off at a dead run down the driveway, blowing right past the mailbox. They're down by the rabbit field before realizing they've gone too far. "They still need to find it. They don't know where it is," Laurence quietly reassures Zac. Team Pre-Owned runs back. "We are having a day," Sandy pants. Like most of their other days. Team Adventure is finished setting up their course, and Laurence picks Speckles to run it for them. Jeremy and Sandy get back to the mail/clue box and decide on All Churned Out. Bill and Cathi clearly didn't wear Speckles out, because he's doing great for Laurence as well. "This one's on steroids," Laurence says. "He must be a friend of Bugs Bunny." Come on, Laurence, the Energizer joke is right there.

Jeremy and Sandy load up their churns and start churning. Laurence sends Zac on his turn down the course, saying, "May the rabbit Force be with you." Has he been using variations of that expression the whole race and we're just now hearing it? In any case, Speckles continues to be a bunny Jedi. "Well, that's very joyful," Laurence grumps after Zac finishes. The two of them are off, Laurence shouting behind them, "Bye, ladies! Love your rabbits!" Soon they're in the car to the Pit Stop, while Jeremy and Sandy continue churning.

Back in Copenhagen, Amani and Marcus are team number four. Given the leg they ran, it seems like they'd do more than high-five each other.

Sandy's slapping molds while Jeremy continues to churn, and Laurence is driving. "Why isn't anything saying Copenhagen?" Laurence wonders. Look in the mirror. Zac realizes they need to turn around. Laurence realizes they might be lost. And yes, there's the one lost-car shot this episode keeps using, so they must be. Sandy smacks some molds, and Laurence finds himself stuck in a traffic jam. Jeremy and Sandy finish the Detour, still in last for now, and hoof it to the windmill.

Still stuck in traffic, Laurence yells out the car window for directions. "She's bloody useless," he crabs when help doesn't come detailed or fast enough. Jeremy and Sandy have found the cashed U-Turn (and we're in last place), Jeremy adds, but at least now they're headed for the Pit Stop. Laurence and Zac, on the other hand, are still becalmed -- at least until Laurence puts the car in gear and zooms up the breakdown lane while Zac facepalms in the back seat. That's asking for a penalty, isn't it? Meanwhile, Jeremy seems confident he can get them back to the freeway. Laurence narrates, "This is a game of the unexpected and we've had a lot of unexpected things today. Believe me, I am pretty anxious right now." Jeremy thinks they're closing in. So does Laurence. Telltale long-distance shot of the boat, followed by an equally telltale POV shot of the camera careening toward Phil and the greeter, and it's... Jeremy and Sandy, staying in the race to get lost another day. They're amazed to still be in it, and Sandy interviews that it'll be more competitive with only five teams left. Jeremy thinks they just need to focus on themselves. I think they just need to quit circling the drain already.

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