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Bill and Cathi are leaving in third place, at 3:26 PM. In the cab, Cathi says they're going from Africa to Copenhagen, "And I don't think it gets much more different than that." True; for one thing, Africa is a continent, while Copenhagen is a city.

Amani and Marcus start their leg at 3:34 PM, and are less excited about the Double U-Turn than Cindy was. Marcus outlines the plan for the leg: "to not be satisfied with making the comeback to fourth." Amani interviews that they're the comeback kids: "You can't get rid of us." We'll just see about that.

Zac's been in Africa too long, because at 3:36 he reads, "Fly to Kopanga, Denmark." Laurence corrects him on the name of the Danish capital city, and as we see them run for a cab, Laurence recounts how in the last leg, they "made a decision that wasn't wise." Which they usually do, but in this case he's referring to their decision to U-Turn Amani and Marcus after the latter team had already passed them. Laurence says they should have put more thought into it, "And if this comes back and bites us it does, and if it doesn't, we'll be very lucky." And we all know how lucky Laurence and Zac can be.

Jeremy and Sandy are still at the back of the pack, leaving in last place at 3:42. Jeremy, upon learning they're going to Copenhagen: "No! Yes!" Just get going already, Austin Powers.

The first four teams are arriving at Kamuzu International Airport, which is back in Lilongwe, literally halfway across the country. Fortunately it's a really narrow country. Inside the terminal, Laurence and Zac ask a blurry-faced ticket agent if they can get a faster flight to Copenhagen. They take a chance on grabbing an earlier flight to London, on Laurence's theory that there should be plenty of earlier flights to Denmark from there. The agent heads off to check for them, just as Ernie and Cindy show up and wonder what's going on. Laurence and Zac act super-sketchy, but admit they're working an angle and won't be on the pre-selected flight. Cindy stands there like she can compel them to say more just by inflicting toxic levels of awkwardness on them. Finally she comes out and asks what time they'd get into Copenhagen, but they aren't saying. Cindy doesn't believe them. "Super shady," she mutters to Ernie after the two teams part company with mutual (and totally insincere) good luck wishes. Of course, what Cindy doesn't realize is that Laurence and Zac are just going off half-cocked and hoping for the best; they literally don't yet know what they're going to do once they reach London. For now, Ernie and Cindy are going to proceed to Amsterdam, the transfer city on their pre-purchased airfare, and see what they can figure out from there. On that flight are themselves, Jeremy and Sandy, Bill and Cathi, Amani and Marcus, and Andy and Tommy, leaving only Team Adventure behind on the ground. But soon Laurence and Zac are aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight to London. A green subtitle now indicates this will allow them to arrive in Copenhagen at 8:30 PM, and Laurence admits to some nervousness at being separated from the pack. Given his tendency to outsmart himself, that nervousness is well founded.

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