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Amsterdam, 9:04 PM. Amani and Marcus are dead asleep in those recliners. At 10:35, the Cimber Air flight lands in Copenhagen, so Team Pre-Owned and the snowboarders are in town and getting in their cars. While Sandy comments on the humidity, Andy (in the back seat) gives Tommy a quick refresher on how to drive stick: "You put it in R first. I think R means real fast." Who product-places cars with manual transmissions, anyway?

Then the Norwegian Air flight arrives at 11:00 PM. "Everyone's so blonde!" Cindy marvels as she and Ernie hurry through the airport in fourth place. Bill and Cathi have rented a luggage cart for their backpacks. And Amani and Marcus? Still asleep, in Amsterdam, at 11:26 PM. The snowboarders get to the closed church, but still feel good about getting there early, as do the other teams who bothered to look into earlier flights. Cathi comments that Marcus and Amani are still not there. Indeed, it's 1:48 AM as they continue to sleep away the race in Amsterdam. These long shots of watching them sleep are starting to remind me of Paranormal Activity, except this couple is behaving even more stupidly right now.

Finally the sun rises over the Netherlands, and we check back in with Marcus and Amani at 7:18. They're finally awake, and are a little nervous about not having seen anyone at their departure gate. Well, that's because they're already at their next task in Denmark, waiting for the doors to open. Team NFL gets their boarding passes at 7:25, so they'd better hope this is going to be a very short flight. At 7:30, the other teams head inside the church. Marcus and Amani's flight will arrive in Copenhagen at 8:20, according to the purple subtitles, so they're lucky to have just a short hop ahead of them. Marcus says they assumed nobody would be on the earlier flight, although he leaves out the fact that this was an incredibly foolish assumption. "They're already on to the next clue and we're still sitting in Amsterdam in the airport," Marcus says. "We're out of the race." But aren't you well rested? Doesn't that count for something?

Back from the suspenseful ad break, we see Team NFL boarding the plane. Marcus interviews, "It feels like death to me." Amani says it's not that bad; "If death came, I'm fighting death every step of the way." But not Philimination? At least they're in the air now.

Meanwhile, in Copenhagen, Phil tells us that the other teams will have to climb more than 400 steps up the church steeple -- including a spiral flight around the outside of the upper part of the tower -- and find two clues. One is a flag flying from the stairway's railing that reads "BORG SLOT," and the other is a large banner visible on a nearby rooftop that reads "FREDERIKS." This should be enough to tell them that they have to get to a place called "Frederiksborg Slot," which looks like a huge medieval castle. There'll be a woman in period costume waiting in the courtyard for them with a basket of clues. Teams schlep up the inner stairwell but are buoyed by the view when they emerge onto the balcony overlooking the city. They all find the flag up top at pretty much the same time, and start heading back down. But at the bottom of the external staircase, Cathi calls a halt and points down at the guys stretching out the "FREDERIKS" banner a few buildings away. Bill figures it out: "Frederiksborg Slot...'slot' means 'castle.' They have a lot of 'em around here." I'm just impressed he knew the Danish word for castle off the top of his head. That makes me feel a lot less smug about knowing "kirke" means "church." The guys with the banner on the roof fold it back up again for some reason while other teams are trying to decode it. Even so, most of them seem to be able to figure out they're going to Frederiksborg Slot save Jeremy and Sandy, who didn't see the whole thing. Looking at a skyline map on the railing, they decide they're going to "Rosenborg Slot" instead and rush off without wasting time actually finding out where they're going. The teams are a little more spread out coming out of the church. First Laurence and Zac, then Ernie and Cindy, then Bill and Cathi, then Andy and Tommy hurry out to their cars. While riding in the back as Bill drives, Cathi says they think they're an hour and a half ahead of Amani and Marcus. Whose progress in the race is indicated by a shot of a plane and some clouds. If we could see Marcus and Amani inside the plane, their eyes would probably be crossed out.

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