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Amani and Marcus disembark at Copenhagen International Airport at about the same time that Jeremy and Sandy decide to go back to the church and start over. Team Pre-Owned gets back there just before Team NFL arrives for the first time, but it's not until both teams are up on the balcony that Sandy spots Amani. They don't exactly run and hug each other. Sandy interviews that they were shocked. "There goes our buffer." While of course Amani and Marcus have the opposite reaction.

Unlike the previous two teams who arrived at the castle, Bill and Cathi park off the grounds and take the long walk into the courtyard. "Who's ready to take a few steps back in time?" reads Cathi, and says this is hers. Who in their sixties wouldn't want to go back in time, after all? As Bill joins Laurence and Cindy on the sidelines, Laurence jokes about the "rap dancing" that's about to happen. The sour-faced locals seem unamused. Ernie begins his first dance routine with an old-lady partner, but takes a wrong step and has to start over. Cathi joins the party, looking pretty convincing in the old-timey dress. "She looks lovely," Bill chuckles. Cindy asks if they met in high school (when Cathi dressed like that all the time), and Bill says it was middle school. "She was twelve and I was thirteen. Went together for eight years and got married on the day of graduation from college." That must have been a busy day. Cindy admits she and Ernie just met in a bar. Hey, Bill didn't say he and Cathi didn't.

Andy and Tommy run into the courtyard in fourth place, and this one is Andy's. Inside, Zac is having trouble picking up the steps. He interviews he's never done a choreographed dance in his life. Ernie is taking another crack at the first part of the dance, and it's not exactly a challenging routine. It mostly seems to involve a lot of walking and a bit of skipping in circles. He moves right on to the second one, which is pretty much walking in a straight line and doing a bit of do-si-do with the one Danish woman under seventy in the place. Then he joins his third partner, a tall skinny dude who joins him for a slightly trickier bit that has a lot of hopping and sidestepping. But he also gets that one done with no trouble and receives his next clue from the "countess" with a proud but modest smile. The whole ballroom applauds, and Cindy's proud of him as he opens their next clue. It's telling them to drive to a place called "Frilandsmuseet," which looks like a farm-slash-museum where they'll have to find the next clue. In fact, the clues are hidden inside the mailbox, so I'm sure everyone will walk right by them. Ernie and Cindy get back in their car as Cindy congratulates him on how well he did. "Cathi is right on your tail, though." Ernie thought Zac was closer behind, but Cindy says, "Nooo, Zac has zero dancing skills." Heh. Sure enough, the young adventurer is lurching around an instructor who is in danger of losing a toe. Laurence tells us, "This is not Zac's forte. He obviously wants to nail it down before he starts trying." Then the music gets all jazzy as Andy strolls in with his hat and costume on, looking like Sir Zachary of Galifianakis.

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