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Wherever Jeremy and Sandy are, they walk up to some dude with a bicycle and ask him if he's heard of Frederiksborg Slot. Which I take it is analogous to showing up in Giza and asking if someone's heard of the pyramids. He points it out on their map and says, "You can't miss it, it's a real big old castle." He clearly underestimates Jeremy and Sandy's ability to miss things. Off they go, and Sandy says in the car, "We are hoping that someone else made big mistakes like we did." Speaking of whom, Marcus (after a shot of a freeway sign with large, white-faced cartoon characters graffitied expertly on it) says he doesn't like having to stop and ask for directions, blaming it on having a personality type that doesn't like not being in control. "Especially being lost, it bothers me." I'd hate being lost if it could cost me a million dollars too, but you know a good cure for being lost? Asking directions.

At the castle, Cathi's on her first run-through of the dance, finishing with her first partner and moving on to her second, while Laurence is still waiting for Zac to be ready to take a crack at it. "Zac must be far more frustrated than I am," Laurence says with uncharacteristic understanding. Andy is picking up the steps quickly too. "You have tried it before?" his teacher flirts. Cathi finishes her third dance and gets her clue, much to Bill's pleasure, so they're done with the Roadblock in second place.

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the farm and spot the red mailbox. "Isn't this a clue thing here?" Ernie asks, pulling it open to reveal the clues waiting inside. Cindy snorts like they've been searching a while. Anyway, it's a Detour. Phil informs us, "Two-thirds of the land in Denmark is used for agriculture. This Detour gives teams a chance to experience life on the farm by choosing 'All Hopped Up' or 'All Churned Out.'" For "All Hopped Up," both members of each team have to lead a rabbit through a obstacle course, "a very popular sport called kaninhop." The racers have to set up the course themselves, naturally based on one that's already laid out for them as an example. Then they'll have to pick out a rabbit and lead it through the course. Don't worry, they get to use a leash, not just the force of their personality. We see Phil doing this with obvious enjoyment -- and who can blame him, that hopping rabbit is adorable -- then saying, "If their rabbit can hop to it, then the animal handler will hand them their next clue."

For "All Churned Out," the teams have to "make what many regard as the best butter in the world." So no pressure. They'll use a pair of old-fashioned wooden butter churns to turn fresh cream into "six sticks of smooth, high-quality butter." Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Phil slaps a butter-mold down on a board and proudly says that once they're finished, a dairy maid will hand them their next clue. Back at the clue box, Cindy reminds Ernie, "We said no more animals after those sheep," so it's Churned Out for them. Now if only they can find the dairy barn. Cindy gets all overexcited about passing a live goat, and soon they're in the right place, watching a demonstration of cream being poured into a churn and churned with the dash. Then another dairy maid adds some salt and water to a lump, presses it into a wooden mold, and slaps it down on a board to reveal a perfectly formed stick with raised flowers on the top. Ernie and Cindy get right to work, talking about how it's hard work. "You really gotta beat this cream to turn it into something good," Ernie says. Even the musical score can't leave that one alone.

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