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At the castle, Tommy and Laurence clown around on the sidelines while Zac and Andy are both attempting their first dance routines at the same time. That is, until Andy finishes his and Zac screws his up. Andy does well on the second and third parts, so he's done while Zac's still lost on the first. "Good try, Zac," Laurence calls. The snowboarders are already on their way as Laurence philosophically says this is hard for a 19-year-old to learn. "Just gotta remain optimistic that he'll knock it out, and if he doesn't he won't. Simple as that." As long as he has a plan.

Jeremy and Sandy finally arrive at the castle in fifth place. As they park, the snowboarders tell them that Zac and Laurence are still inside. Sandy's taking this Roadblock. "You got this. Kill this," Jeremy says as they head inside. Wow, calm down, dude.

There's an overhead shot of a car crossing the vast Danish countryside, and then Amani and Marcus are hoping they're going the right way. Which they're not, because the castle's back in town and they are manifestly not. Marcus decides to pull over on this desolate stretch of highway and try to stop a car to ask directions. The first few vehicles fail to stop. "I don't think they like us too well over here," Marcus speculates. Did he just call a whole country racist? He starts to cross the road. "Here comes a big truck on your side, baby," Amani says, a lot more calmly than I would given what happens next, which is that a semi blares its horn as another, oncoming one passes, sandwiching Marcus between them while he stands on the painted median. That's a lot more dicey than just getting an earlier flight would have been.

We get a replay of that harrowing moment after the ads, then one of the trucks stops and Marcus gets directions to Frederiksborg Slot from the driver. As he's driving them back to the city, Marcus describes this is a big "turnover." I don't know anything about football, but it sounds bad. "We just have to know that it's still a race and it's not over until it's over," Marcus says.

Ernie and Cindy have gotten to the stage where they're unloading the proto-butter from their churns. On to the kneading and squeezing and wetting and molding, and Cindy smacks the filled mold down on the board. The lump of butter left behind looks good, except for the big black something she picks out of it.

Bill and Cathi reach the farm next. "Hot damn," Cathi says deliberately. After reading the Detour clue, Cathi figures Bill could do the rabbit task and she couldn't, so they're going to the butter churns. They join Team Control in the dairy barn, watch the demonstration, and get to work. From his churn, Bill asks if they get to eat it at the end. "I don't know if you want to eat my sweaty-ass butter," Cindy cracks. They slap down their sixth stick, but the dairy maid isn't satisfied with the quality of the finished product. They do seem to have very little structural integrity. Ernie scrapes them up so they can redo them.

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