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Sandy is dressed up and learning the dances. On the sidelines, Laurence asks Jeremy if they've seen Marcus and Amani yet. Jeremy says no, even though Sandy saw Amani at the church. More evidence of their poor communication skills. Cut to Zac on his third dance routine. It looks a little rough to me, but they give it to him while the locals applaud, so Zac gets his clue in fourth place. Laurence interviews after the fact, "It would have taken me a while, but I probably would have landed it a little quicker. But that's my forte. That's what I do." Renaissance dancing? Laurence has unexpected depth. Also, Zac's sitting right there, dude.

Down on the farm, Ernie and Cindy slap out six new sticks while Bill and Cathi's stuff is in danger of going past butter and turning into whipped cream. After this latest attempt, Team Control successfully gets their clue. Ernie reads it outside: "Make your way on foot to the Karlstrup Windmill." Fortunately, Cindy remembers passing one on the street on the way in. A short run later, they're approaching the towering windmill. And this would be where the Double U-Turn rears its large, overproduced head. Phil's back next to the giant sign, reminding us how it allows one team to slow down another by making them do both sides of a Detour. When Team Control reaches the sign, Ernie asks Cindy if she really wants to use it. "Yes," Cindy says decisively, to Ernie's shock. "Who?" he gapes. Cindy says, "Bill and Cathi, they're right on our tails." She steps up and makes with the touchscreens. "Sorry, guys, we need a win," she says. "They're gonna hate us." Well, as long as they know that. They run to the next stack of clues, which are sticking out of a nearby water pump, and read, "Drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop." Phil says that's seven miles back to Copenhagen, where they'll have to find Havet Ship. Standing on the prow of an old-school sailing ship docked in the harbor, Phil says, "This sixty-year-old cargo boat converted into a hotel is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Wait, that ancient clipper is only sixty years old? I feel cheated.

Getting back in their car, Ernie asks Cindy how she feels about U-Turning someone. "I wanna win a freaking leg!" Cindy says. "I'm sorry, Bill and Cathi, but... can't be nice any more. It's a million dollars." Nope. It's leg eight. The million dollars doesn't come into play unless they make it to leg twelve, or fifteen, or thirty-nine, or whatever the total number ends up being because of how that's kind of dependent on how many more non-elimination legs they're going to throw in here.

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