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Kisses, Coronas, and clowns

There is plenty of kiss-kissing. Oswald is especially talented. But I never lack anymore. It's funny how an offhand remark about Spain, made in the second recap ever, has so thoroughly taken hold. It's a good thing I didn't tell a story about getting kicked in the shins.


It seems only appropriate to tell one story from DimSumCon, which takes place the next day. Or, rather, this story takes place after DimSumCon. With another engagement scheduled at 4:00, I leave Jing Fong with Couch Baron at about 2:30. We agree to share a cab, and I'm thinking I can get back to the hotel at about 2:45 and sleep for an hour or so before I have to take off again. We stroll to what seems to be a likely cab-catching corner, but things don't go well. After a few minutes, we walk a few more blocks and start again. For whatever reason, we do not see any cabs at all, anywhere, ever. We walk some more, and then a little more. It's about ninety-five degrees and about ninety percent humidity, and I'm lugging the gifts that Poptart kept overnight for me and gave me over lunch. They're not heavy, but they do include this giant stuffed orangutan. So I'm tramping all over Chinatown with a big stuffed animal under my arm, which raises my internal temperature by about fifteen degrees. Walk, walk, walk. Finally, we give up and decide to walk to the subway. Suddenly, he chuckles. "Can't you see it? The shot of us wandering around with the little white letters at the bottom of the screen -- COUCH BARON AND ALLI -- LOST." I laugh. "CURRENTLY IN LAST PLACE," I add.


There's really no way to be show enough gratitude to all of the people to whom it's owed at this point, but I can't get out of this thing without profusely thanking MissDona and Poptart for the planning, PepeNY for the coordination of the brilliant goody bags, pseudostudent for organizing DimSumCon and doing oodles of other administrative good works, and everybody for all the great stuff I brought home. I brought home a stuffed orangutan, a book, a bracelet, two velvet hammers (one heavy, one light -- as it was explained to me, one for close work and one for throwing, heh), a little clock shaped like a TV that is completely the cutest thing ever, an "Editing, Schmediting" shirt (yay! I wore it the other day), a wearable headlamp (hee hee), a "Kiss-Kiss" canvas bag, a necklace, and a stuffed Delaware Blue Rock. I am more than certain I have left multiple things out; it's not because I don't love everything -- it's because I'm already using everything. Oh, and that doesn't count the facial that I got on Friday afternoon, which was ridiculously cool as well. And to everybody I spent time with at the party? It was great to see you.

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