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The first person to kiss-kiss me was Mr. Pseudostudent, who asked first. Techniques varied. Some opened with a request (which was fine), some didn't (which was also fine). A few went for the single kiss, most went for the kiss-kiss, and a choice few went for the oh-so-European kiss-kiss-kiss. Some came nowhere near me, getting nothing but the air by my ear. Lots actually got me right on the cheek. Only Brennan approached me with an actual warning -- "Are you ready?" Hee. (Honestly, what do you say to that? "Hi, I won a million dollars. These are my leather pants. I'm a lawyer. Do you mind?") It was a veritable festival of kissing, which more than made up for last year's sorry showing.

It's hard to say enough about what a really terrific evening it was. To all of you who came to the party, to all of you who didn't, and to all of you who were there in spirit, I thank you profusely for everything. Hell of a party.

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