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Into the Rough

Back at the empanada contest, the increasingly crabby Art and JJ finally finish the task and make it to the mat in fourth place. Nary and Jamie are the fourth team to finish the leg, Vanessa and Ralph are team number five, and Elliot and Andrew are team number six. That'll do it for the first flight to Salta.

Bopper and Mark arrive at the Patios in seventh place and watch the demonstration carefully. Dave and Cherie arrive in eighth, pulling their rolling backpacks along. Team Jersey shows up in ninth place, and Kerri and Stacy in tenth. Inside, Team Kentucky is already at work, and Bopper informs us this is "the first time I have ever made a piƱata." Mark tries to correct him, but when he can't come up with the word empanada, he concedes, "Call it whatever you want to. I don't know neither." Team Jersey is struggling, as Danny says he always eats out and never cooks. Full of surprises, these guys! The golfing sisters are the last to arrive at the front gate, and for some reason they decide to leave their bags in the car. A sound effect foreshadows that they will live to regret this. Clown Dave confesses that he doesn't usually have a lot of time to cook. "He's a good microwaver," Cherie points out supportively. Stacy remarks that of the five teams currently there, only four of them will go on. Misa compares the empanadas to the Japanese wontons she and her sister often make. In Hawaii, according to Bopper. Fitness remarks on the tough day Danny's having: "From stick to cooking." And that's enough to trigger the last dramatic ad break of the night.

Back from the ads, Fitness is staying positive. Kerri finishes hers and moves over to help Stacy. "That's when we went into beast mode." Cherie Dorys, "Just keep cooking, just keep cooking..." The other teams hurry to assemble, and the next team to finish is Kerri and Stacy. "Double Bubble just left," Maiya remarks, whatever that means. Is that another remark about their asses? In more urgent news, Misa makes the observation that the cousins left carrying their backpacks, whereas the sisters left theirs in the car. We cut right to Kerri and Stacy dancing on the mat as team number seven. Dave and Cherie finish next. As Fitness puts it in an interview, "That was honestly one of the worst feelings. Like, they're freaking clowns!" And the clowns are team number eight. Meanwhile, Bopper and Mark finish and make it to the mat as team number nine. That leaves only Team Jersey and the golfing sisters still at it, but Misa and Maiya are the next to finish. Of course, they still have to run back and get their backpacks. Realizing this, Team Fitness kicks into high gear. They only have two left to make, but Misa and Maiya have already entered the grassy courtyard where Phil, now hatless, is standing with the greeters. But it's a pretty big courtyard, and even though Phil points them out to the greeters, he finds himself staring over at the sisters in frank confusion while they turn around and wander back out of sight, having totally failed to see him. "Where'd they go?" he gapes. The girls are still searching when the Jersey guys get approval from the judge. They're the last team to finish, but it's not over for them yet, especially because the sisters are now literally tripping over each other as they run through the bushes at the edge of the grounds. The Guidos sprint to the mat, and are pretty relieved to learn that they're team number ten. "You know how close that was?" Phil asks them. Joey "Fitness" says they'll have to come from behind. Well, the other option for a tenth place team is staying there, but that's a good way to get eliminated in three or four weeks.

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