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Misa and Maiya have been out there in the vineyard for almost an hour and 44 minutes, and aren't accomplishing anything beyond spouting platitudes about their determination. Finally find the last clue. "How did we miss that?" they wail in eerie unison as they run down the hill. By now it's late afternoon, and then nighttime, and we skip right past LAX for once and straight to the Amazing Red Line, curving south and east from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, where an Amazing Blue Line backtracks northwest to Salta, Argentina. Phil tells us that Elliot and Andrew, Brendon and Rachel, Nary and Jaime, Art and JJ, Rachel and Dave, and Vanessa and Ralph have made it onto the first connecting flight to Salta, which will land two and a half hours earlier than the second flight. That's quite a split for the first leg, but maybe it was they best they could do with the Argentinean commuter airlines. From Salta, they'll drive to Santa Barbara, Argentina, there to find their clue in a flower basket under the city limits sign that appears to serve as the town's sole landmark.

That first flight lands in Salta in daylight, and the six lead teams run for the product-placed SUVs waiting in the parking lot outside. Art and JJ have a little fun with the subtitles, saying they're "currently in first place." JJ, doing the driving, says he prefers that to "currently in last." Art figures the other teams are still back at Buenos Aires at this point, which is indeed the case. Among them, Mark and Bopper tell us they're with the back five, including, "The Hawaiian girls (who are actually from San Diego, and Japanese-American if I'm not mistaken), the Jersey boys, and the clowns. [And] the girls from Mississippi." Bopper remarks on the latter team's "badonkadonks," complete with hand gestures. What are they, sixteen?

Art and JJ are the first team to find the clue basket in Santa Barbara, with Nary and Jamie right behind them. The clue is sending them to a place called Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque to find their next clue, so this is looking like an airport-heavy leg. Brendon and Rachel are in a close third, with Other Rachel and Dave in fourth and Vanessa and Ralph in fifth and the twins in sixth. At this point, the other teams have finally landed at Salta, and Team Jersey (there is and will always be only one Team Guido), currently in seventh place, talk about how good it feels to be in the lead of their group. Team Kentucky is behind them in eighth, with the sisters in ninth, the cousins in tenth, and the clowns making a slow start, as Dave struggles with the manual transmission. Mark passes Danny at some point en route, and Cherie is already upset that all the other teams are long gone and far ahead of them. "I just don't feel like we're fast or strong," so she's worried about not being able to recover. She's in the back seat crying. Oh, so these are sad clowns.

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