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Into the Rough

The plane takes off as inside, JJ frets, "This goes against all laws of nature." The partners run to their cars and head out on the three-mile odyssey to the landing site. Three miles. It's going to take more distance than that for the plane to climb 10,000 feet. Vanessa and Nary are up the air now too in a separate aircraft, already strapped to their divers and thus more or less sitting in their laps on the floor of the plane. Down on the ground, Art, Major Dave, and Brendon soon find the one landing site, with a big red-and-yellow X spread out in the dirt, and wait for the plane. They soon spot it high overhead, and JJ's the first one out, strapped to his skydiver and accompanied by a cameraman falling alongside them. And you know how the people doing the Roadblock are always loaded down with redundant safety gear? Well, that might still be the case, but in this leg the people not doing the Roadblock are just hurled into the slipstream with no boots, no jumpsuit, not even a helmet -- just a pair of cheap-ass plastic goggles. Rachel's the next to go, and she gushes about what a great experience it was. "I am the luckiest person in the world," she interviews. I didn't say I never agree with her. Other Rachel follows her down. JJ lands first, as expected, and Art runs out over the sand to meet up, panting as he compares it to running on the beach. Rachel is screeching happily down at Brendon as she descends, and JJ seems relieved to be back on solid ground as he and Art are handed their next clue. It's sending them to a place called Patios de Cafayate, which looks like a sprawling white hacienda. You know, one of those cultural centers that always seem so thick on the ground in places that the Amazing Race travels to. The Rachels also land, meet their partners, get their clues, and hurry back to their cars.

Misa and Maiya are the seventh team to reach the clue box in Santa Barbara, followed by Kerri and Stacy, then Bopper and Mark, then the Guidos, who have dropped to tenth since Salta. Stacy is already nervous at the word "Aerodromo." "I'm terrified of heights," she says. Then The Amazing Race is for you! Dave and Cherie find the clue at some point after the other teams are all gone. Somewhere overhead, Nary, Elliot, and Vanessa are dumped out of their plane. As Vanessa puts it in an interview, "Who was the first person that thought, 'you know what, I'm going to get into an airplane, strap on a parachute, and jump the fuck out?'" And more to the point, where did that person find a parachute? On her way down, she yells, "My uterus is in my throat!" Now I'm actually starting to see why Ralph got divorced.

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