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Somehow Team Jersey is back in the lead of the trailing pack as they reach the airport and Danny is taking this Roadblock, which means Joey "Fitness" will be jumping. Learning that Mark is going to be skydiving, Bopper once again hollers so loud I'm starting to suspect there are no telephones where he lives. Misa and Maiya read in unison and Maiya nominates Misa. Stacy wants no part of any Roadblock that has anything to do with planes, so she immediately gives it to Kerri with no understanding that she just volunteered to jump. Cherie is taking this one when the clowns arrive. Inside the hangar, Kerri is already getting into her harness when Stacy belatedly realizes that as the non-participating member of the team, she's the one going up in the air. "This is an awesome way to face your fears!" Kerri says. Stacy doesn't seem to be appreciating the opportunity.

Mark, Misa, and Fitness are headed up into the air while their partners hit the road. While driving, Bopper does an impression of Mark coming out of the plane, opening his mouth wide to show us all twenty-some of his teeth and going "AAAAAAHHH!" But Danny is having trouble getting going, because he can't drive stick. Okay, this is SEASON TWENTY. Is there any excuse for this at all? Especially as Danny confesses that his mom advised him to learn before he left. "Mama's always right," he says. Way to at least work the stereotype back in. But eventually he gets the car into first gear and into motion. I should probably lay off him, because he's going to take enough shit about this when he gets home.

Team Border Patrol (Art and JJ), are arriving at the next destination with Team Big Brother right behind them, Brendon making his scary-angry Neanderthal face as he drives. "I'm half-Mexican and I hate them for a reason," he says, offending even the tone-deaf Rachel. It's a footrace to the front gate, and Brendon ends up being the first to get a clue, which I believe is unprecedented. It tells them to "compete in an empanada contest." Well, that's exciting; how do you top a ten-thousand-foot skydive? With cooking, of course! There's traditional dancing and music going on in the plaza, as always, as Phil holds two giant trays, and tells us the teams will now have to make 120 empanadas. Each team will make 60 with meat and 60 with cheese, and they'll have to make sure to use the correct style of crimping for each kind. I'm getting whiplash from this transition. An "empanada champion" will give them their next clue after she approves their work, and then they can race to the Pit Stop, where the first team will win the Express Pass. "And the last team to check in here will be eliminated." Okay, now we're talking.

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