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Jeff gets ready to go for Team Who. He says that, actually, the worst part was seeing the teams go in front of him and having to wait for them to be done. As he puts his feet in the chilly water, David says, "Go all the way under the ice; make sure you do it right." Heh. No kidding. It would be pretty tough if he got lost during the swim. We see Jeff swim underwater as he voices over that when your body temperature drops like that, it will even make you feel kind of disoriented. And yes, you can be forgiven if your first thought is, "And disoriented would be different from your usual, exactly?" He emerges. He dries off. The doctor tells him that his body temperature is "low," and you can kind of see him doing the math in his head, going, "High, low, high, low...okay, low's bad," and he starts drying himself more vigorously.

Al strips and goes in for the checkup, while David and Jeff read the subway clue. They start to leave as Al goes feet-first into the water. He comments that just dipping his tootsies in the icy water "took [his] breath away." I think that's why they have you do it that way, actually. He plunges into the water, as ClownJon yells, "Go, Al! Yeah, baby!" As we see Al swim underwater, he voices over that his toes felt like they were falling off. And by "toes," I'm fairly sure he means "everything that might be dangling south of the neck." He emerges on the other side, to ClownJon's encouraging hollers. He dries off. A ClownJon voice-over says that "a friend is a person that you can count on under any kind of conditions," and that "Al is an amazing guy." Aw.

Team Who is making its way up to the taxi that they and the clowns took to get here, and Jeff comments that it's going to be inefficient to continue traveling together. In a voice-over, David elaborates that it's just too difficult to try to account for two teams worth of people, and as I look at the cab again, it's quite remarkable to me if they really did jam two teams and their crews in there. Zoiks. At any rate, Jeff says, "We'll split," as he loads up the luggage. The clowns read the clue about getting to the subway, but as they do, Team Who is closing the door of the cab and getting ready to leave. The clowns run toward the taxis, wondering whether David and Jeff have already left.

Commercials. Don't mouth off to the lunch lady, bub. You never know when she might be God.

Al voices over that as he and ClownJon went back up the hill where they arrived, they didn't see their taxi. As they look a little harder, though, they do spot it hiding behind a truck. Because Team Who, while fairly competitive, are not quite that wicked. Plus, they'd only get turned around on the way to hell anyway. It turns out that David and Jeff's theory is that the teams will share the cab just until they get to somewhere where they can snag another one, and then they'll split up. "Thanks, man, thanks for waiting," ClownJon says, well aware that while they certainly should have waited, they in fact didn't have to. As the taxi leaves, Jeff voices over what has gone unsaid in this scene -- it's not just that it's cumbersome to travel together, it's that these two teams are last, and they both need the opportunity to break away from each other for that reason, if no other.

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