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Al and ClownJon and Team Who are stuck in traffic. Al tries "rapidamente" to convey the need to go fast to the cab driver, and then a frantic ClownJon tries a furious bicycling motion with his arms. Because what stands for extremely fast transportation? Pedaling! ClownJon voices over that while they were in the cab, they got a bad feeling, realizing that all three teams could easily be ahead of them. I always think this is about where the race starts to get incredibly tense, because with only four teams, you don't have to screw up in order to be last. In the Who cab, meanwhile, Jeff says he's trying to stay optimistic, but he's obviously quite concerned also. I guess none of these guys has ever seen the show before. You know, ever.

Phil and the Seoul greeter wait on the mat, and then a team runs up...and up...and it's...the clowns! Welcome, Al and ClownJon, you are team number three. ClownJon lets out his usual glorious holler, and they high-five and hug.

Here comes the remarkable Team Who, apparently running in the right direction, surprisingly enough. They come up on the mat. Welcome, boys. You are the last team to arrive. Phil is happy to tell them it's the second of three predetermined non-elimination legs, however, and they're still in the race. They give a good, shocked "No way!" although I can't imagine how they'd be surprised. Eliminating them now would mean three legs to the end with the same three teams, which doesn't seem terrifically likely. In their post-non-elimination interview, David says that he's never really considered anything except winning, and that there's no option for second place. "We are going to kick their asses," he says. He refrains from adding, "The ass is right above the waist, right?"

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Everybody is stressed, including Kelly, who's dropping face-first down the side of a building. A shark menaces Reichen. Tune in!

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