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When the Chipsters arrive at the temple, they walk in and are immediately impressed. "I like everything I know about Buddhism," Reichen says, making a statement that would be deceptively difficult to disprove. After all, I like everything I know about your mom. He goes on to explain that the temple was beautiful and he felt a lot of peace inside. They make their way to the set of little figurines, and it doesn't seem to take them too long to find one labeled "Reichen & Chip." They pull it out and retrieve the key, then they head to the bag and fetch their clue. It tells them to fly to Seoul, South Korea, and get to Namsan Park and then to Seoul Tower to get their next clue. You know, every time I see footage of countries other than my own, one of my primary thoughts is that maybe I should be carrying more things on my head. Phil explains that vans will arrive at the temple to take teams to the airport every thirty minutes beginning at midnight, and each van can carry only one team. It's only 11:15 when the Chipsters get this clue, so they have some time to, as Chip says, "chill and enjoy this." Chip cannot believe how beautiful the statues and other temple doodads are, while Reichen takes a moment to "say a prayer for the rest of the race." God...well, you know. Plastic boats, "vroom-vroom" noises, that sort of thing. Reichen explains that this was "the first time since [he] was a very small child that [he] felt this protective, spiritual feeling." Lucky for him it happened while he's on television! At midnight, the van arrives and the Chipsters snag it.

12:56 AM. Clowns. Al does the off-the-mat voice-over this week, and he explains that he and Jon have gotten closer as a result of doing the race, and their friendship is "better than ever." What, no acrimony? No power struggles? No talk of how much you hate everyone? Bo-ring! Don't these people realize they're on television? In other news, I could watch ClownJon run for hours and hours and never be bored, because it's that funny. I feel guilty talking about a grown man's "little legs," so I won't try to describe the run itself. They pile into a pretty red cab and go.

1:11 AM. David and Jeff. They fill us in that there's a relative windfall of $400 for the leg. David off-the-mat VOs that he thinks they're "always the underdog," which I think is highly amusing, because there's absolutely nothing that would make them the underdogs except their ineptitude. It's pretty much, "We're almost too dumb to do this -- but so far, not quite!" He goes on to say that he thinks they need to envision themselves being last a lot, because this is the best motivator of all. I envision them being last a lot myself, but it's more of a premonition than a psychological device.

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