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An unhappy BuffJon is confused in the gate area of the flight to Seoul. "Where the hell is the other teams?" he asks ungrammatically, not pleased by the fact that only the Chipsters are with him and Kelly. It would have been great if somebody had said, "The other teams is obviously ahead of you, jackhole." But without me there, who would say it? ["I wouldn't bet against Kelly." -- Sars] Sigh. At 10:35 PM, this flight takes off. The two now-trailing teams snooze on the flight.

The Amazing Yellow Line shows the connecting folks running ahead of the direct flight folks as the trip to Seoul gets underway.

And then we're in Seoul. Unsurprisingly, the camera guys would like to remind you that Seoul contains a lot of signs written in Korean. At 5:00 AM, the Who/Clown group arrives. They hop into cabs, agreeing to follow each other at this point, which I suppose is sort of one of the luxuries of being ahead. Al voices over, as they try to discuss the destination with their cabbie, that the language barrier in Korea was more challenging than those they'd run into elsewhere. David adds that the culture is very different, and he felt much more conspicuous as an American in Korea than he had in other countries. The pair of cabs takes off for the park. When they arrive at the tower, the clowns have a slight lead, and Al is the first to the clue box. The clue directs them to the Sundam Valley, which Phil explains is "only minutes away from the North Korean border." In case you aren't aware, the North Korean border contains soldiers and barbed wire, so it's even a little worse than blundering into a guy's yard looking for the train station. Once they find the valley, they'll need to find another clue box by the side of a river. When they're quoted a ticket price of almost $100 for the three-hour ride, the two teams decide they'll get cozy and all share a cab. Remember, it's going to be all four of them as well as presumably four crew guys. Big fun for everyone, especially with the aforementioned Putrid Stink. Whee!

At 5:40 AM, the direct flight from Singapore arrives, carrying the Chipsters and Kelly and Jon. BuffJon admits that being in South Korea, knowing he was only a hundred kilometers or so from the border, made him feel a little edgy. Kelly says that they know the Chipsters are right on their tail, but they have no idea where the rest of the teams are. We cut to the very crowded vehicle into which the other teams have been stuffed. It looks like ClownJon and Al aren't even able to sit down -- is that possible, on a three-hour drive? My sister and I shared the back seat of a Dodge Aspen for six weeks when I was ten, and I think if one of us had had to scrunch over the back seat, it would have been a lot worse, in the "much more bloodshed" sense.

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