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Back at the airport, the Chipsters depart. Reichen says that coming to South Korea was a surprise to him. It's not clear whether he thinks it's good news or bad news, but I think it's good news that he's out of the yellow shorts and into a pair of khakis. They struggle with the language barrier too, but they eventually seem to just decide to suck it up and go with the driver they have.

At the tower, Kelly and BuffJon run just ahead of the Chipsters, so they've just finished reading the clue when the Chipsters pull up. The teams pass each other on the stairs, with Kelly giving a friendly but tense, "Hi, boys," as they do. Kelly and BuffJon take off in their cab, but as Chip and Reichen behind them try to explain about getting to Sundam Valley, they become aware that their driver speaks essentially zero English, and given that they can't even point to a place name (written in English), they have no way of communicating with him at all. Chip says that he doesn't want to even climb into a taxi with a driver who doesn't speak English at this point, because, as he says, that could mean "we're fucked the whole day."

Commercials. Yeah, the health department called. They said that you need a lot more than a big roll of paper towels to take care of that filthy kitchen. Bleach, people. Get some.

At the tower, the Chipsters continue to look for an English-speaking cab driver. When one does not materialize, they cut their losses and decide to head to a hotel where they can perhaps have a broader selection of cabbies. At the Seoul Grand Hyatt, they have only marginally better luck. They tell the guy who looks like the doorman or equivalent that they need an English-speaking cab driver, but the first guy they get clearly does not qualify as such. While it's true that the tense chirping about "English? You speak English?" can come off as really irksome, it didn't so much bother me in this situation, because I think you can ask a hotel for a cab driver with a special skill, and they can try to accommodate you, and they shouldn't put you in a cab with somebody who can't do what you're saying you need. I would bet the Ritz Carlton could land you a cab driver who speaks Spanish if you asked. Anyway, the hotel does eventually set up the Chipsters with somebody who speaks at least a little English, so they throw their packs in the trunk and hope for the best. Reichen voices over that they've gotten a lot smarter as the race has progressed, and I guess the implication is supposed to be that they've learned that they need English-speaking cabbies. Or that they've learned to spend more time at better hotels. Certainly, that's one of the things I've learned in the last few years. In the cab as it starts to get light outside, Chip explains to the driver that they are in a competition and need to get where they're going as quickly as possible.

In the Clown/Who cab, Jeff is showing David on a map where they are and where they need to go. Odds that he is correct: 1 in 758, by my calculations, taking into account past history and the phases of the moon. Meanwhile, the driver in the front seat is on his cell phone, clearly quite distraught. It doesn't appear that he's very clear on where he's going, either. The next thing you know, we see the driver run into a convenience store (as you do, when you're on the way to the DMZ) to ask for directions. In a voice-over, Jeff confirms that the driver originally told them that he knew how to get to where they were going, but then it turned out...not so much. The teams follow him into the convenience store while they kibitz the attempt to get directions. "Turn left before bridge," Jeff says emphatically as they make a note on a hand-drawn map. "Do you know where you're going [now]?" he asks the driver. "Okay," the driver says in a non-confidence-inspiring fashion. "You sure?" Jeff says. The driver indicates that he's sure, I guess, so they leave.

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