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On the other hand, Al would probably be even more unhappy to note that the Chipsters are pulling up to the clue box as we speak. They are very surprised to get there and find that all four tags are still available. "No way!" Reichen says. You can tell that Chip narrowly avoids responding, "Way!" Reichen snags the first number. "How the hell are we number one?" he asks, knowing that they were running behind Who and the clowns and left the tower behind Kelly and Jon and dawdled at the hotel. Chip gestures toward the cab. "'Cause we got a taxi driver who knows where he's going." They return to their cab and thank their driver profusely. "We got here first," Reichen says, holding up the tag, "because of you." The driver smiles. "'Cause of you," Chip repeats, and they both clap him on the shoulder. That was cool -- it's always nice to acknowledge when you have little to do with your own success, and I'm generally in favor of a little international sucking up.

Kelly and BuffJon pull up next, and grab number two. They're followed by the beleaguered Clown/Who taxi, with its cramped and tired passengers. Who winds up third, with the clowns last. Reichen voices over that Who has apparently formed "a small alliance" with Al and ClownJon, and he says that he feels a little threatened by that idea. He's hoping to see Kelly and BuffJon make the final three, because he doesn't see them as too big of a threat. Oooooh, hubris. Very dangerous, there, you Chipster, you. I do think it's a little risky to be deciding who is and isn't a threat at this late date -- it seems to me that anybody who's still in it at this point can beat you in any given leg.

The teams are finally allowed up to the clue, and they read that it's this week's Roadblock. "Which of you has the colder personality?" Reichen reads with a chuckle. Considering he's made of plastic and Swiss watch parts, I'd say that would be him. Phil explains that in this Roadblock -- oh, goodness. Phil's attire has gone off the deep end again. Black-and-white sweater, khaki coat with fur-trimmed hood. [Shudder.] Anyway, he explains that in this Roadblock, the person who takes it will have to go into the frozen river through a hole in the ice, swim a short distance underwater, and emerge through another hole on the other side. Moreover, after they're out, they'll have to wait until their body temperature returns to normal before the team can leave. Chip takes the Roadblock, as does BuffJon (after Kelly enjoys a bit of a smile at the "colder personality" question), Al, and Jeff. Al, in particular, is very depressed when he actually gets as far as reading the clue. "Oh, noooooooo," he growls miserably. The clue also has a reference to "strip[ping] to your skivvies," which leads to a rather amusing remark by Reichen: "What are skivvies?" Apparently, in his house, they only used the word "undergarments."

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