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The Amazing Race Finale “Con” In New York City

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I had this dream where I hugged Loud Pushy Frank

Apparently, Frank was drunk during this exchange. No, really.

"Okay, total sidebar. I love the kiss-kiss. There is no way to adequately express how much I love it. Men who kiss-kiss? Are my heroes. When I visited Spain at the ripe old age of 17, I met lots of boys -- high school boys, boys my own age -- who kiss-kissed. I was never so happy with boys in all my life. (That, actually, is not saying much, but nevertheless, I am surprisingly sincere.) All men should be required to kiss-kiss. Or at least to kiss-kiss me. It should be a law. I'm just saying."

And you know what? With all the contestants and posters and everybody I've met this season as a result of the recaps, not a single person kiss-kissed me. It's almost impossible for me to believe, but it's the truth. My heart broke every time. It's a terrible oversight, and rather a crushing blow. I remain angry at everyone.

"Bill insists on jumping on it, which is not such a good idea, because it's wet and slippery. He wipes out and lands on the ground, and once again we learn that for all the classic wit the world has ever produced -- for all your Dorothy Parkers and your Will Rogerses and Ogden Nashes -- there's always room for a guy racking himself."

Rob also racked himself at the little mat. You can actually tell if you watch the tape carefully. I probably wouldn't have noticed this, except that someone on the boards pointed out to me. Rob was not happy with this person, whose identity I am sworn to protect, because the Stompers already know where to find him.

"EDG develops its first official Cracks of Discord as Frank and Margarita see Team Esquire jump into a cab without them, and then have to wait to get one of their own. It's not an unambiguous abandonment, but it appears to worry the Danzas. Frank is misanthropic enough that he's not crazy about the whole alliance thing anyway, so this is playing into his every paranoid fantasy."

This was apparently a huge issue for Loud Pushy Frank. Something about the police had stopped them, and Esquire ran off, and he and Margarita got delayed, and blah blah blah…Rob and Brennan claim they didn't mean anything by it, but LPFrank, I think, honestly believed that Esquire was attempting to ditch him, and I don't think he ever got over it. From this point on, he was looking for trouble from the boys, and he usually was able to find some. If this one encounter had not occurred, I have to wonder whether things would have turned out completely differently between these two teams.

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