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The Amazing Race Finale “Con” In New York City

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I had this dream where I hugged Loud Pushy Frank

'Twas no coincidence that the cab driver checked ID. I learned at some point that when Esquire called the night before for their cab, they specifically knew that Frank and Margarita were leaving just ahead of them, and they were concerned that confusion might ensue, which is why they told the cab driver not to let anyone in the cab unless they showed a passport. Pretty smart for guys who still looked like dimwits at this point in the race, wasn't it?

"Rob voices over that the stress level of the game is increasing, and we are given a random, completely gratuitous shot of him in his stateroom without his shirt on. Mmm, shoulders. Unfortunately, he just keeps talking, and now he's babbling about how the clues and locations are getting more difficult. Worst of all, he's wearing his sunglasses both backwards AND perched on top of his head. That is not good, Rob."

It was at this point that the show seriously started pushing the eye-candy angle on the attorneys. Indeed, the stateroom shot was gratuitous. A good idea, but gratuitous. Rob has some theory that this upside-down sunglasses thing has something to do with his history in baseball, but it makes absolutely no sense to me when I hear him explain it. ["I bought that explanation, actually -- the glasses stay on better over a baseball cap if you wear them upside-down. Or something. It sounded plausible at the time." -- Sars] I have never in my life seen a baseball player with upside-down sunglasses sitting on top of his head. I personally think it has to do with Rob's generally questionable fashion sense, but I am open to other suggestions.

"They're sort of sitting around drinking and yakking and acting like goofs -- hey, this could be an MBTV staff meeting!"

If you were at the TARcon, you know how true this is.

"Esquire is wandering aimlessly. For whatever reason, they don't seem to be chattering constantly into the W-T the way they should be. Did they not get the game? It kinda makes a girl wonder."

The batteries in their walkie-talkies were dead when they got there, as it turns out. It explains a lot.

"And along here, we get our first shot of Rob in his blue-tinted sunglasses. Man, these are as bad as the hat. Okay, they're not as bad as ALL of the hats. They're as bad as the backwards baseball hat. They're not as bad as the Hat I Am Obsessed With Hating (hereinafter the Hating-Hat). But they're very...I don't know whether I want to say Elton John, or, like, Warren Zevon…I know! They look like something the one of the members of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem would wear. Dude, Rob is in the Muppets' rock band."

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