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The Amazing Race Finale “Con” In New York City

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I had this dream where I hugged Loud Pushy Frank

Rob harassed me from this point forward about which Muppet I had claimed wore the blue-tinted sunglasses. Of course, a quick perusal of my The Muppet Movie DVD revealed that no member of the band actually wears them. I still believe I was right in spirit, and I remain hopeful that Rob will not sue me for defamation.

"Kevin pulls up in the sports car, and he and Rob meet up. You can see them immediately get to checking out the Italian girl who's serving as the hostess. Dogs! I'm just saying. Actually, if you watch carefully, you can see their big cartoon tongues unfurl and land on the pavement. Listen for the 'thwap.'"

Kevin in particular has continued to display and discuss a lingering weakness for the lovely Sara.

"Now, if somebody can help me understand what the Guidos do here, I certainly hope they will. They inquire about the bus to Krabi, and they're told that it's five hundred miles, and they can't get a bus until SIX O'CLOCK that night. It's, like, 10:00 in the morning when they hear this. It seems to me that you CAN'T take that as your option. To sit around all day like that? You can't. They ask about taxis and are told that it would be too expensive, so they just decide to wait for the 6:00 bus. I don't know whether they're really even more broke than they seemed last time, or whether they're confused about other teams…I mean, at the very LEAST, they've got to assume all the other teams will catch up to them in the next eight hours. They've got to assume that the tasks remaining will probably not take that long, so at the very least, they're giving in to the Bunching. Why do they seem so willing to take this lying down? They can't be THAT broke, because they talk about killing their eight hours by going to a cheap hotel and sitting and having an iced tea and a shower. (Joe refers to this as 'air-conditioned splendor.') Indeed, we next see them in what appears to be a hotel room. Guys, seriously. What are you thinking? There's no time for splendor. There's no time for freshness. There's CERTAINLY no time for iced tea."

As Bill explained it to me, Guido was simply led astray by the bus ticket lady. They asked her whether they could get a taxi, and she told them they couldn't, and they believed her. He described it as a sort of a whammy, where they became transfixed by her charm and failed to notice that she, as a bus ticket lady, had a conflict of interest in explaining the travel options. Still, I think the fact that they were broke was a factor -- if you have a wad of cash, you're a lot less likely to take it lying down when you learn that you're going to have to sit on your butt for eight hours while everybody catches up to you, or worse.

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