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The Amazing Race Finale “Con” In New York City

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I had this dream where I hugged Loud Pushy Frank

"Frank voices over that they hadn't really expected a big lead from the Fast Forward. Good thing, too, because they don't have much of a lead. When we see his interview, he reveals his nice, non-annoying smile that he's suddenly picked up. Stop smiling, Stubbly Yummy Frank."

Frank has a very specific memory of being called Stubbly Yummy Frank. He had to think about it for a minute, but he came up with it all on his own. "Stubbly Yummy Frank!" he yelled. "That's what you said! That was good!" He said it was at that point that he began to think I was coming around at last. Not entirely untrue, either. He and I also discussed the famous eating-the-unfamiliar-food challenge. He defended his position that Margarita hadn't been very wise in agreeing to do it when she didn't want to, and I reminded him that I had taken his side. He remembered that, too, and he thanked me.

Amazing Miscellany

A few other interesting things I learned.

"Outside, Rob and Brennan are breaking the news to their cab driver that they're tipping zero -- no, seriously, ZERO -- on a thirty-eight-dollar fare. Ouch. Whatever wild animals may attack them later, whatever fungus they have to eat, whatever creeping jungle rot they come down with, this is the closest Rob and Brennan are going to come to death."

I am told that they were not -- not even remotely -- the only team who didn't tip the cabbie. Lots of teams didn't tip. Nobody knew what the money situation was at that time, and nobody knew whether there'd be enough for a tip. But the hot young privileged attorneys failing to tip? That's a story. Plus, it formed the basis of the Transportation Curse, so it's a good thing it was shown, and shown early.

"Phil attempts to build suspense by wondering aloud whether the trailing teams can catch up with the leaders, but his efforts are undercut by how utterly ridiculous he looks in the rolled-up pant legs and the bare feet. Sucks to be washed up on the beach in paradise with nothing but your beige button-down shirt and your brown pants. Where's Phil's Hawaiian shirt? Where are Phil's devil-may-care denim cutoffs? Everybody else gets to swim, but Phil's mom only lets him go wading."

Phil didn't make it to the TARcon, but I met him at Dinnercon, and he's verrrrry nice also. He went through a very amusing explanation of how he carefully got the show to set up this shot and roll tape directly up his nose with the sky in the background. It's possible that you had to be there.

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