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Where-wolves of London

Joyce and Uchenna ask a cab driver for the Millennium Dome, and they ask him whether it's easier to take a train or a cab. The driver actually tells them that the train will be better at this time of day, so that's one point for London's most honest cabbie.

Meredith and Gretchen finish stacking their fourth boat. Uchenna and Joyce get directions on the subway to the Millennium Dome. Meredith and Gretchen finally get their last boat stacked. They immediately decide to take a cab to the Dome, because…I don't know. Either they don't know the train might be faster, or they don't care. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce think they're waiting on the platform for the train, but they're not actually in the station; they're sort of next to the tracks. Meredith and Gretchen get a cab, and Meredith says that someone might have some trouble getting somewhere, and in the typical way in which the editing sometimes suggests that the unexpected should be expected, we then watch that train race right by Uchenna and Joyce. It might have been a clue to them that there is no one anywhere around waiting for trains.

Commercials. I'm so pleased that I've managed to go this far in life without Judging Amy laying a glove on me.

When we return, Uchenna and Joyce are receiving the news that they actually need to wait in the underground station, and as they finally go down and get on the right train, he remarks that this was a bad mistake that could be very costly in the long run. Meredith and Gretchen, on the other hand, are stuck in all that bad traffic that Uchenna and Joyce managed to avoid.

Ron and Kelly are still standing at the Yield, and it turns out that Kelly has amused herself by scribbling moustaches, tails, blackened teeth, and the like on the picture of Rob and Amber. Heh. She has even added a word balloon saying, "The Devil Made Me Do It." I suppose the "Race" portion of the title, again, might be at fault, but…could be demonic possession, too. I won't argue. She knows about spiritual forces better than I do. And, come to think of it, more about pettiness, too, so I don't stand a chance. Finally, the sand runs out in the hourglass, and Ron and Kelly are freed from their Yield and can go for the Busblock. When they pull the clue, Kelly takes it, although Ron voices over that had he not already done five, this would have been one for him to do. He hopes out loud that she'll get the hang of it.

Rob and Amber run through Potter's Field Park toward the pit stop. It's really interesting -- I've been watching the Survivor S2 DVDs, and Amber really is enormously more self-possessed and appealing than she was then. She's partly just older, but I think this relationship has been pretty good for her -- I'm not sure you'd have seen her stomping around in a hat with a pipe in her mouth when she was on Survivor, you know? At any rate, the very cute British greeter learns from Amber that he looks nice, and then they are welcomed as team number one. They win a home entertainment system from JVC for winning the leg. Phil tells them that they've had some good luck, and they both acknowledge that they have. "Luck is probably one of the most important things," Amber says sagely, because she can afford to, from her seat in front of her new entertainment system.

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