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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Rob: You know, it's funny -- the funny thing about that whole thing is Bill claiming that he had us in the palm of his -- of his hand, and what you didn't get to see was, when Bill screwed up the number of tickets, and they came back in bad order, Bill basically breaking down in tears and the rest of us having to put everything back together for him. That was what was so humorous about him, obviously after the incident, saying how he was controlling the game.

Brennan: Yeah, and it was one of those things where it came across in the episode that they were the first ones to the window, and he mentioned, "Hey, I can help everybody out," so we're like, "Hey, go ahead." The truth is, if he wasn't there, we still could have figured out how to get tickets. We did fine in every other country. So the fact that he was willing to do it for us, good for him, let's let him help us. But, then when he comes across in an interview saying, you know, that he was holding us in the palm of his hand or playing us like violins, that's just kind of ridiculous. We could have gotten by without him if we had to.

Miss Alli: In many ways, I actually think that was their low point. In some ways, even worse than the airport.

Rob: Playing us like, what was it, violins?

Miss Alli: That was...they lost me right there. It wasn't even the airport.

Rob: You LOVED them in the first episode.

Miss Alli: I know. It's a long season.

Brennan: Everybody loved them.

Rob: Well, the funny thing is, I remember watching the first episode, and Brennan and I kind of looked at each other like, "Hey, they're coming off pretty well." I think we knew at that point that they were clearly going to be the villains, so it was curious to see -- "Hey, they're having a good episode. What the hell is this?"

Miss Alli: Well, and what's really funny is, I watched the first episode [again] not that long ago. I watched it, and now I can see all the stuff that happened later, I can see it in the first episode. You can see them going, "Woo-hoo! We're first!" And I was like, "Ohhhh."

Brennan: You think it's cute; you don't realize that they're really, like, cocky.

Miss Alli: Exactly. So, cabs in Paris in the middle of the night, and Frank.

Brennan: Mm-hmm.

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