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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Team Esquire, Unbound

Miss Alli: Because it seemed like off and on, y'all were okay. Like, later, it seemed like y'all were okay.

Brennan: Well, I think it's kind of one of those things where you kind of have to be okay. I mean, after that incident, we actually kind of, once we got to Tunisia, we got separated quite a bit from them. And so beyond that, we really weren't together up until right near, probably, Leg 10 again. And so, it's kind of like, let's let bygones be bygones. But for some reason at the end, they decided to get mad at us again.

Miss Alli: Well, yeah, and of course, you're in your cab also, saying, "Do we want to screw them?" and you're saying, "They'd do it, I know they'd do it." So I mean --

Rob: Oh, you mean at the very end.

Miss Alli: Yeah. So you still weren't so happy with them either.

Brennan: No.

Rob: But that was -- and I think Brennan's going to say the same thing I thought of. That was just -- they were very, very cold to us when we were staying together in, you know, the musher's cabin and stuff, and I'll let Brennan elaborate, but it was very obvious from China on that they just weren't thrilled with us. They didn't like us.

Brennan: So yeah, I guess that's why we weren't thrilled with them, because they didn't like us. We were -- we had no reason not to like them, and we don't know why -- what the reason was that they didn't like us, but they didn't.

Rob: But we always had smiles and hellos and greetings, and I mean, like, especially that night outside the hotel in China, it was just -- that was really the first time it became very obvious that they had their game faces on and wanted nothing to do with us.

Brennan: The funny part is, they never showed it, but we went to -- that night after we checked back into that hotel, we went to a nightclub with them that night and hung out and drank a couple beers.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes dish, including hating of hats, Guido misbehavior, the future of law, and Mighty Big love -- all in the next installment.

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