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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Team Esquire, Unbound

Rob: Well, all right, in your heart they can be Muppet shades.

Brennan: They COULD go on a Muppet, that's the point.

Miss Alli: That's exactly -- and they would look right at home on a Muppet, am I right?

Rob: Exactly.

Miss Alli: I'm exactly right.

[Here, we have a dull conversation about interview logistics and spy technology that you don't need to overhear. Because it's a dull conversation about interview logistics and spy technology.]

Miss Alli: Start at the beginning, tell me the tale of why you thought you might want to do this. Not the interview, the show.

Brennan: [laughs] That's a good clarification.

Miss Alli: I was going to say, I think we can all wonder why you would want to do THIS.

Brennan: We really did the show kind of on a whim. A friend of mine heard about the show and suggested that we'd be a good team, and we talked about it, and then we didn't do anything about it. The first deadline passed, luckily they extended it a couple weeks, and then the night before the deadline, I came in, I said to Rob, "You know, we've talked about doing the show, or sending in a tape for the show, and we probably won't get on, but once the show goes on the air, we're gonna kick ourselves and say, you know, 'Why didn't we at least give it a chance?'" So, we threw together a tape about nine o'clock the night before it was due. Luckily, it's right here in L.A., so we had a courier from our firm take the tape over to the World Race offices, and it just kind of went from there.

Miss Alli: And what did you do on this tape?

Rob: You know, it was funny, I think a lot of teams -- or contestants, or applicants, I guess I should say -- do these elaborate things where they stage things outside or set things up, and it's really only a three-minute tape the producers want. And I think that one of the reasons we got far along in the interview process is that we didn't do anything crazy. We just sat there, talked about each other, talked about ourselves, and talked about our friendship. An elaborate tape shows that you can produce a tape, but it doesn't show who you are, which is what's important to the producers of these shows.

Brennan: So we each took a minute and talked about ourselves, and then we took a minute of the two of us sitting at a table kind of bantering back and forth. And we tried to be a little bit cocky, knowing that that might be something that could get us on the show. We talked about our friendship, talked about our differences, and talked about why we thought we would make good television. And fortunately for us, they bought it.

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