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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Team Esquire, Unbound

Rob: They thought we'd have all sorts of fights, and Brennan would want to go this way, and I'd want to go the other way...because that was one of our tag lines was that we're both leaders, rather than followers, and that we were going to butt heads all the time about which way to go.

Brennan: And we honestly did think that.

Rob: Yeah, we did.

Brennan: They asked us a lot about that in the interviews. And we both...we thought that would kinda be the case, and I guess most of the time, we just made the same decision.

Miss Alli: So you really did. That was not fake? That was not faked-up that you never argued about anything ever, EVER?

Brennan: You know, it wasn't faked. The story I tell once in a while is...the episode in Thailand where we were on the motorcycle, and our guy stopped to get gas, and I kinda tried to calm Rob down. I watched that one on the, and that really was a fight. I thought it was kind of funny that because we're the non-fighting team, they took our very few fights and made them so they weren't fights. And it came out in the episode as me just trying to calm Rob down a little bit, and then when I watched it on the Internet, we actually were kind of fighting a little bit.

Miss Alli: Yeah, no, 'cause it definitely came out like a whole [in the voice you'd use to calm down your cat], "Ohhhhh, it's okay..."

Brennan: Right, but at first I told him to calm down, and that's all they had me say. They didn't have Rob coming back saying, "YOU calm down." And in reality, that's what he did.

Rob: There were times when we had little spats like that, but it never affected how we played the game, and that was the important part.

Brennan: And some of the time, we just saved it for off-camera.

Rob: We'd talk about it at the pit stops.

Miss Alli: Uh-huh. 'Cause they did sort of have you doing that Fused Brain thing.

Rob: Yes. Well, we are a fused brain, basically. I mean, that was a fair representation. We thought a lot alike most of the time.

Brennan: We both had our tasks, and we each did our tasks.

Miss Alli: So, like, being the eating guy...

Brennan: Yeah, and Rob being the one who would order the cabs at the pit stops, and me being the one that would talk to the people at the airport. You know, we each did our thing, and that's what we stuck to. That's kind of why it came off like "the Fused Brain thing." [Note: Please imagine that as very carefully enunciated to emphasize its goofiness -- sort of "theeeeee fused brain THING."]

Rob: There was never really any outward discussion or debate about who was going to do what.

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