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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Team Esquire, Unbound

Miss Alli: Well, it made you go faster anyway.

R&B: [practically in unison] Yeah.

Rob: It worked for us.

Miss Alli: Everything was speedy.

Rob: We can't complain.

Brennan: You know, one of the things I've told other people is, it's not -- you don't think about making good television when you're doing something like this. You're thinking about -- the reality for us was we were trying to win a race. We did what we had to do to win that race, not thinking, "Oooh, maybe we should be fighting," or "Maybe we should be doing really exciting, dumb things so that they get on TV." You just -- you don't think about that. You're trying to win a race, and [rueful chuckle] unfortunately, that's the way we did it.

Rob: 'Cause, like I told you in Minnesota, it's funny, when we banter back and forth and we call each other "jackass" all the time and we make fun of each other; it was just -- they had a team already doing that, they didn't need it. To an extent, what you saw of us was a fair depiction, that we did just kind of put our noses to the grindstone and get things done, but there are a lot of dimensions to our character that didn't get shown because they didn't need to.

Miss Alli: Just in the sense that you don't actually sit there know, not talk, and...

Rob: Right. Exactly.

Miss Alli: So, did you see the poll, Brennan, about why you don't talk?

Brennan: Yeah, I did, but I think I saw it early enough that I don't know what the final results were.

Miss Alli: You know, I don't know what the final results were. I think actually it came out that the one where Rob had put the horse's head in Bruckheimer's bed ["that's leading in its poll, by the way" -- Sars]...I personally voted for the one that said you don't actually speak English and had to learn everything phonetically like Roxette.

Rob: No ingles!

Brennan: I think I happened to log on to the computer that day about ten minutes after that thing went live, so I think, like, four people had voted in the poll at the time, but I did see the poll.

Miss Alli: Well, I often vote more than once, so...

[Here we have a boring conversation about voting in MBTV polls, and a couple of other things that have more to do with me than with them, so who cares?]

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